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  • All students, faculty, and staff of UBC should access RefWorks from this page to authenticate using EZproxy.
  • Alumni do not have access to EZproxy, and should access RefWorks using the Group Code.

UBC Group Code

  • If you are unable to use the EZproxy access, you can authenticate your computer using UBC's Subscriber Group Code. Click here to access the Subscriber Group Code form; you will need your CWL or UBC Card barcode and PIN to access the group code. Then go to the UBC Library RefWorks log-in page. In the Remote Access window, enter the group code and then click 'Go to Log-in'.

PLEASE NOTE: The group code may be changed once a year for security reasons.

Deleting an Account

Contact if you wish to delete your account.

Accounts that have been inactive for more than 2 years may be deleted by the UBC Library RefWorks administrators.

Moving References from RefWorks to other Citation Management Software

Should you want to move the content of your RefWorks account to a different program such as EndNote, Mendeley, or Zotero, SFU Library has compiled some step-by-step instructions.

Maintaining Your Account When You Leave UBC

Alumni access

Graduates of UBC can create or maintain a RefWorks account as UBC alumni. Alumni have access to RefWorks, but not to subscription databases from the library. As well, the UBC eLink in RefWorks will not provide access to online full-text resources.

To maintain or create your current account as an alumni:

  1. Obtain a UBC Alumni ACard.
  2. Obtain your UBC Library card.
  3. Contact the UBC Library RefWorks listserve at to obtain the UBC Library group code, then create or access your RefWorks account using the group code to authenticate.

If you are joining another institution that has a RefWorks site license, you can move your database to a new account with that institution. Remember to backup your UBC account; you can then restore the citations to your new account.