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Account Information

About RefWorks

UBC Library currently supports the Legacy version of RefWorks. In 2018, all RefWorks users will be moved to a new version of the software. The library's RefWorks resource guide has information about both the Legacy and New versions. Any recent changes to RefWorks will be updated here.

Create a New Account

Create a free individual account (you can create more than one account).

Login to Legacy RefWorks here.

  1. On the RefWorks log-in page, choose Sign up for an Individual Account.
  2. Complete the New User Information form. If you have privacy concerns about entering your personal information, you may supply non-identifying information (e.g. UBCresearcher12345).
  3. Click Register, and start using RefWorks!
  4. You will receive a confirmation email with your log-in and password.

You may try the new version of RefWorks by signing up with a UBC email address here. Alternatively, to sign up without a UBC email address, please log in here and follow the instructions.


  • Do NOT try to create an account or log in directly from - use the link provided above.

Important: Please review the RefWorks Privacy Policy.