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Ensure you're submitting to a legitimate journal

Predatory journals exploit the Open Access (OA) model of academic publishing: they exist simply to collect publication fees from authors. Publication in a predatory journal confers no benefit to an author because predatory journals accept any article which is submitted. Don't waste your time, money or reputation by publishing in a predatory journal! Use the resources below to ensure that you're submitting your article to a legitimate Open Access journal.

Do not hesitate to contact your Subject Librarian if you're at all unsure about a particular Open Access title.

There is a lot of information available about OA journals, including both credible and predatory publishers. A good place to start if you are looking for information on legitimate OA journals is The Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ).

The newly-launched Think.Check.Submit site offers an excellent checklist designed to help you avoid predatory publishers. Here are a few additional questions to consider:

  • Did the journal contact you first?
    • Predatory journals send mass emails to potential authors.
  • Is this the journal it claims to be?
    • Even if the title seems familiar, beware of copycat journals - predatory journals with titles that are very similar to high quality journals
  • Does the journal request you send money to publish your article?
  • What is the timeline for editing and peer review? Are you asked to supply contact information for potential reviewers?
    • If there is either no peer review process or the process is fast (hours or days), this is a sign of a predatory journal. Another warning sign is being asked to copy edit or develop the layout of your article.
  • Review the journal's website for clues as to the quality of the journal.
    • Are contact emails personal addresses? Is the grammar and spelling correct? Is there a long and consistent list of archived journal issues/volumes, or has the journal been published irregularly?