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4.4 Finding a Subject Specific Database

While Summon is an excellent source to find articles it sometimes can be daunting. Summon is similar to a Google search as it searches across almost all the material in UBC Library. This can provide you with far too much information. What if you are interested in a topic but only from a political science perspective? A Summon search will provide you with articles from all disciplines including political science. To narrow out journal articles that are created in a specific discipline, we need to use subject specific databases located in the Research Guides.

Under the “Articles” tab of a Research Guide you will find subject specific databases. For example, here are the core databases for Anthropology resources. You can select a title of a database and be brought to additional information . The "About" section of the Database & Index page provides a description of what the database contains. It’s important to read this information so you know you are searching for material in the right place.

For example, look at the following image:

Select the database title to get more information about the database.

To learn about locating subject databases on the library website, watch the following video: