Library:Module 2 Overview of the Library Website

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Module 2 Objectives

In this module you will learn the following:

  1. Key features of the UBC Library website.
  2. Features of your library account.

This tutorial will take no more than 5 minutes to complete.

Failure to close the box before opening the next section may require you to scroll up to locate the beginning of the section.

UBC Library Homepage

The UBC Library homepage offers a variety of services and resources to students for their coursework, but navigating the website can be confusing. This tutorial will introduce you to key features of the library homepage.

To find the UBC Library homepage go to:

Library homepage.png

Key Features of the Library Homepage

There are a number of features and services on the library website. While this can be daunting, learning about the website will make your searching experience easier. The features shown here highlight services and resources you will need to complete research for your courses.

1 Search Collections

Search Collections is a portal where you can search through all the materials the Library owns or licences.

2 Use the Library

Use the Library shows links to information on borrowing, library equipment and services, booking study rooms and accessing online materials from home.

3 Get Research Help

Get Research Help links to guides covering the research process - including getting started, evaluating and citing sources and getting published.

4 Search Box (General)

The large search box tab labeled General allows you to search through the Library's collections. This search box is called Summon. Summon is the Library's most comprehensive search engine. Fast and powerful, it is a good starting point no matter what your topic. Use it to find information in any discipline and pretty much any format: journal articles, print and electronic books, dissertations, maps, CDs and DVDs and much more. You will learn more about Summon in this tutorial.

5 Login

To access your library account and library resources away from campus, login to the library using the Login link. To login you will need your Campus Wide Login (CWL) or your UBC Card barcode and pin. Your library account provides you with information about materials you have borrowed and late fees. You will also be able to renew materials you have checked out.

To learn how to find links to the most commonly used pages on the website and how to use all the search tabs in the Library search box, watch this short video:

Test Your Knowledge

How many days can an undergraduate student borrow a book? Using your knowledge about the library website, open the link in a new tab and find an answer to the question.

  1. One month
  2. 7 days
  3. 3 days
  4. Two weeks