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This page contains a list of Library tutorials in all formats (e.g. video, print, textual, etc.) and subject areas, with links to their original location or platform of creation. All tutorials regardless of format and platform have also been added to UBC's LibGuides systems as 'placeholder' guides and tagged appropriately; LibGuides API utility is then used in order to pull the content into the appropriate section(s) of the UBC Library Tutorials portal.

The purpose of this portal is to provide researchers a list of library tutorials on a particular concept (e.g. Evaluating Information Sources) or subject area. This website excludes research guides which assist researchers in finding resources on a particular subject (e.g. Anthropology, Biology, etc.).

Using Library Content in Your Connect Course

All UBC Library content is developed to assist in navigating the research process. If you are a faculty member interested in using this content in your Connect course, the following instructions ....

For further assistance in developing library ... please contact your subject librarian.


Basic tutorials cover overviews of library topics and tools including: using the library website, summon and accessing resources from home.

Library Website

Summon & General Search
Research Skills


Advanced tutorials cover more complex research skills and features of library tools including: using the Library catalogue and developing literature reviews.

Summon & General Search

Advanced Research Skills

Subject Specific

Subject specific tutorial cover research process and tools designed for a specific subject area including: Education, Natural Sciences and Social Sciences

Humanities and Social Sciences
Asian Studies
Natural Sciences
Medical Sciences

Resource Type

Resource type tutorials illustrate how to access and use specific library materials including: books, articles, primary sources,citation management and audiovisual material.

Primary Sources
Citation Management Tools