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Annotated Bibliographies

In this module, you will learn:
  • what an annotated bibliography is
  • why annotated bibliographies are important research tools
  • how to develop and write an annotated bibliography on a particular topic.

If you have an assignment asking you to create an annotated bibliographies, in addition to this module, you should refer to your course syllabus or lab manual for specific requirements from your instructor.

What is an Annotated Bibliography?

As you probably are aware, a bibliography (also called "Literature Cited" or "Works Cited" page) is an alphabetically arranged list of citations usually located at the conclusion of a book, article or website. Citations provide readers with the necessary bibliographic information (e.g. author's name, title, date of publication etc.) to find the sources that the author(s) refers to and/or quotes from.

To refresh your memory on how to write citations, check out module 2A.

Similar to bibliographies, annotated bibliographies are also alphabetically arranged lists of citations. However, they have some important differences.