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When you are looking for the books in the UBC Library, remember to do the following things:

  1. Ensure that you copy down the name of the Library, section of the Library (e.g. reserve room, reference section) and the call number of the book accurately.

  2. If the book is not on the shelf . . .
    • Check the catalogue to see if someone else has checked it out. If you want to be the first person to receive the book after it has been returned, click on Request this item: Recall/ASRS.
    • If the book is On Loan and has a request on it, someone else has requested the book before you.
    • If the catalogue says that the book is In transit, this means that the book was returned to another UBC Library and is on its way back to its home library.
    • If the catalogue says that the book is available, it may have been left on a table somewhere in the library. Check back the next day.
    • If you still cannot locate the book, ask the staff at the Information Desk for assistance.