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To find books/ebooks on your research topic using Summon, begin by using keywords. Try combinations of words that might be used to describe your topic or that might appear in the title of a relevant book/ebook as shown in the example.

Thinking about our search about barnacles, let's search for the scientific name Balanus nubilus and habitat. To search for a phrase, put your keywords inside quotations. This will tell Summon to search for the words together rather than separately.

Remember: To search for words as a phrase, use quotations

Refining Your Search to Books/Ebooks

Once you have a results list, you will need to refine your search to books/ebooks only. To limit your search results use the "Content Type" limiter on the left-side of the screen. This will update your results list to include books/ebooks only.

Content type will limit your results to a specific format only.Selecting the title will open the record of the book that contains important location and citation information.

To learn more information about your book, including location information in UBC Library, select the title of the book. This will open the full record and includes important information for citing your research. Also see 3C Locating books in the next section.