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One way is to browse the Reference section at the back of the main floor of Woodward Library. Here are some examples of Biology reference books you might wish to consult:

Biology Reference Books
Title Call Number
Encyclopedia of the biosphere (vol. 1-11) GF75.E5313 2000
Five kingdoms: an illustrated guide to the phyla of life on earth QH83.M36 1998
Synopsis and classification of living organisms (vol. 1-2) QH83.S89 1982
A Synoptic classification of living organisms QH83.S893 1984
The Audubon Society nature guides. Pacific Coast QH104.5.P32M37 1985
Concise encyclopedia biology QH302.5.A2313 1996
Encyclopedia of life sciences (vol.1-20) QH302.5.E5393 2002
The Cambridge encyclopedia of life sciences QH307.2.C36 1985
Encyclopedia of biodiversity (vol. 1-5) QH541.15.B56 E53 2001
Grzimek's animal life encyclopedia (vol. 1-17) QL3.G7813 2004
Field guide to freshwater invertebrates of North America QL365.4.A1 T44 2011
A guide to common freshwater invertebrates of North America QL365.4.A1 V67 2002

Reference books cannot be signed out! They must be used within the library.