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It is common for scientists to present their findings at a conference. Banting presented their preliminary results at the American Physiological Society conference at Yale University in December 1921. In May 1922, the success of their clinical testing was presented at the conference for the Association for American Physicians. Presentations are often written up and published in the conference proceedings for the organization.

During this time, Banting and Best also wrote up their findings and submitted two papers to the Journal of Laboratory and Clinical Medicine. Journals somewhat resemble magazines in appearance but they report on the findings of scholarly studies. Well-respected journals include articles that are evaluated by other researchers in the field (i.e. peer-reviewed or refereed).

Journals can be published in print (i.e. hard copy) or on the web (also known as electronic journals or ejournals).

In science, conference proceedings and journal articles that report on original research are known as PRIMARY LITERATURE.