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Note: Links need to be changed for Biology Master course, the links used are LFS Master. SZ

Table of Contents
FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
  1. Scholarly Communication
    1. The Cycle of Scholarly Communication
    2. Introduction to Scholarly Communication
    3. Primary Literature
    4. Secondary Literature
    5. Tertiary Literature
    6. Popular Writing
    7. Popular Science Writing
    8. Scholarly Writing
    9. Evaluating Sources
  2. Fundamentals of the Research Process
    1. Citing Your Sources
      1. Introduction to Citing the Literature
      2. What is Plagiarism?
      3. Strategy One: Common Knowledge
      4. Strategy Two: Taking Notes
      5. Strategy Three: Paraphrasing and Summarizing
      6. What is Citing?
      7. How to Cite Your Sources
    2. Search Fundamentals
      1. Introduction to Search Fundamentals
      2. Keywords = Search Terms
      3. Make your own Keywords
      4. Combining Concepts in Boolean Searches
      5. Truncation
      6. Phrase Searching
      7. Self-Test on Truncation
  3. Finding Books and Articles
    1. Finding Books
      1. Introduction to Finding Books
      2. Using Keywords in Summon
      3. Limiting Searches to Books/eBooks
      4. Reference Books
      5. Wikipedia
      6. Finding a Book from a Citation
      7. Print Books
    2. Finding Articles
      1. Introduction to using Summon to Find Articles
      2. Using Summon to Find Articles
      3. Finding articles in Summon from a citation
      4. What to do if UBC doesn't have the Article You're Looking For |