Library:Introduction to Medline OvidSP

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To access Medline Ovid

  1. Go to the UBC Library Home Page (
  2. In the main search box click on the Indexes & Databases tab
  3. In the search box type MEDLINE
  4. In the results list click on MEDLINE (Ovid) to connect
  5. If you are not on the UBC Network you will be prompted to logon with your CWL

Overview of the new interface


  1. This is the MAIN search page. Click on SEARCH to return here.
  2. Use MY ACCOUNT to store saved search histories and set up alerts.
  3. Use HELP to access more information about searching.
  4. LOGOFF at tne end of your session to free up seats for others.
  5. Use VIEW SAVED to find and run your saved searches.
  6. MY WORKSPACE is another access point to your saved searches.
  7. See later modules in the OvidSP tutorials for more details about searching.
  8. Tools to manage your search RESULTS

  • The Search History keeps your searches organized.
  • For each step of your search, the history records what you searched and how many items were found.
  • Within search history you can combine the searches with AND to narrow the results, or with OR for a wider search.