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UBC Library Computer Access


UBC Library computers require users to log in using their Campus-Wide Login (CWL) . Some users are required to login using their UBC Library Card barcode and PIN. Community members and public users can obtain guest access IDs from the library circulation desk. Government issued photo ID is required for the guest access IDs.

Wireless Access

UBC hosts several wireless (wifi) networks to support students, faculty, staff, and visitors on campus.

When on campus, current students, faculty, and staff should use the ubcsecure wireless network.

Visitors to UBC from other partner institutions should use the eduroam wireless network. Note that this is also the network to use at certain UBC affiliated hospital sites.

All other visitors with no UBC affiliation should use the ubcvisitor wireless network.

For more information about these and other available wireless networks, please see UBC IT Wireless Internet Access

Internet Access Ports

Internet access ports for laptops are marked either by a yellow or green sticker or a blue outlet. However, they are only available in some library branches. For more detailed information, visit the UBC IT's Internet Access Ports information page.