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Assignment first steps

Develop a plan before you dive into your assignments. Below you'll find links to guides that will help you set priorities for the term, manage your deadlines and sharpen your research skills.

  • Getting Started on your Research: covers how to check that you understand your assignment, how to develop your topic and to judge the quality of the sources you find.
  • Library Research: describes the research process and has tips and strategies for making the most of what the Library has to offer.
  • Time Management: has helpful plans for organizing your term, your week and even your day.
  • Assignment Calculator:"is a time management tool that breaks down research assignments into a series of manageable steps, while providing expert tips for success. Enter the assignment start date and due date to get planning!"


Don't think of citing only as an end-of-the-assignment activity. Save yourself a lot of time and stress by tracking your sources as you encounter them.

  • How to Cite: covers the basics of citing and gives a brief overview of some of the most popular citation styles used at UBC.
  • RefWorks is a web-based citation management program that UBC students, staff and faculty can use to store, share and format citations.
    • Refworks will also create your bibliography and with its Write-N-Cite tool, can be used to format your paper within MS Word.