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Regional Map Collections

Other Map Collections

This site provides information about the AGS map, atlas, photo, GIS data and archive collections, housed at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Links are provided to various government and commercial mapping agencies, and map libraries.

Includes more references to geological maps than most sites; FAQs about the Map Room.

Includes Accessions List. The Map Case has GIF & JPEG images to view or download.

Includes graphic indexes for air photo and foreign topo coverage. OCUL directory and digital data inventory.

Includes a list of Canadian map resources and libraries.

This site includes a variety of internet cartography links: commercial and government map sites; historical and contemporary maps and globes; interactive mapmaking; GIS & digital aerial photography / satellite imagery resources; weather, tide & time maps; gazetteers, geographic correspondence, geocoding, and distance calculation services; libraries, geography departments and other rich connections.

Includes a list of a special collection of Braille Maps.

Includes Oceanography on the Net, Oceanographic and Earth Sciences Data Services Directory, plus information on climatology, seismicity, etc.

Among other things, this site provides access to other UC libraries and Stanford, atmospheric and planetary sites including earthquake maps, Arcview Tutorial, and the Western Association of Map Libraries homepage.

Includes lists and links to various map libraries and map library organizations in the USA, Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Among other useful items, this site includes sources for genealogy, GIS tutorials, and a link to UTLink, the catalogue which includes maps.

"All about geography at Western, plus hundreds of geography-related links." Includes Association of Canadian Map Libraries and Archives web site.

Map Producers & Dealers

Information on official marine navigation charts and nautical publications.

Information on maps produced by the BC government and map sales outlets.

Information on digital & conventional maps available; some online maps; and a searchable cartographic and geographical names database.

Information on Geographical Information Systems and programs in the BC Ministry of Environment.

Includes map store directory, IMTA member web sites, conferences, map copyright FAQs, etc.

Access to the MapMachine online atlas.<

Information about various mapping programs and maps available from the US government.

Cartographic/Geographic Information Resources

Maps and news on First Nations Issues.

Country by country listing of the world's highest points and related cartographic information and links.

A searchable database for BC placenames with map information and, in future, origins of names.

Information on geographical naming policy, etc.

Calendar of map-related meetings, exhibits, etc.

A portal to government and private sector digital maps, satellite imagery and geographic information for many countries. Presented by NIMA, the U.S. National and Imagery and Mapping Agency.

Information on forest fires and the BC Forest Service, with maps showing lightning strikes, weather & fire danger.

A discovery portal(access means)to the Canadian Geospatial Data Infrastructure (CGDI), providing information and connections for geospatial data, organizations and services.

The GEOSCAN database: "GEOSCAN is a bibliographic database containing more than 40 000 records covering all the publications of the Geological Survey of Canada."

Provides locations, coordinates and other details for 3.5 million place names, worldwide(except the U.S.), and a link to the same information for the U.S. from the U.S. Geological Survey.

Includes FAQs in the history of cartography; indexes to the discussion list, URLs of members, Caert-Thresoor pages. Links include Oddens Bookmarks.

Provides access to extensive cartographic resources, including online maps and links to virtual map libraries.

An electronic adademic journal dedicated to maps, cartography and GIS

Includes links to guides and tutorials for GIS software and data and to other computerized mapping products

The Geography Guide at this site includes maps and data for various countries, and a link to Thomas Bros. Maps points-of-interest maps of U.S. Pacific Coast metropolitan areas.

"About 15,000 links to maps and mapping sites." Top 10 sites from Mercator's World list.

Links to country maps, city maps and other map collections

A United Nations site with online base and thematic maps of many countries, and online maps detailing recent natural disasters and other crisis situations. Note: "Relief" does not refer to relief (topographic) maps.

Contact information for free travel information.

This site provides access to a large searchable geographical names database, both US and foreign.

Provides a variety of weather resources for Canada, the U.S. and the world.

This site maintained by the Washington Post provides maps on local, regional and world weather information.

World Heritage Sites are listed by country. Information is provided about the history of the site, the reason for its designation, geographical coordinates, etc.

Bibliothek Zürich

Interactive maps & travel information for Vancouver & other Canadian cities.