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GIS Data

  • To find commonly-requested free datasets online, visit UBC's Geomatics website and its Data Sources portals.
  • The library's GIS Data web page has information about finding, using, and citing geospatial data.
  • We also have GIS data on a library server called Abacus. Datasets include census tables and geography, base map data, and transportation network data, among others. Instructions on finding data within Abacus can be found on the library's GIS Data web page.

GIS Software

  • GIS and statistical software are also available in the Data/GIS Lab. For more access information, click here.
  • For more information and options, click on the GIS Software tab above.

GIS Help

  • The library can help you learn GIS software, concepts, and methodologies. Click on the Learn GIS tab above to see the various methods available.
  • You can also speak to library staff for more help and information. Click on the Get Help tab above for library staff contact information.