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About the Data/GIS Lab

ArcGIS Suite and statistical software (including SPSS, R, and Stata) are available in the Data/GIS Lab in Koerner Library, Room 218A (second floor). The lab is available on a first-come-first-served basis for those needing access to GIS and statistical software.

Hours: Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm. During certain hours, the lab is used for Research Commons consulting. At these times, there will be fewer computers available, and there will be conversations in the room. For Research Commons hours, please see the Consultations tab on the Research Commons homepage.

Location: Second Floor of Koerner Library, Room 218A

Technology & Facilities

Hardware: Six Dell computer workstations with Samsung widescreen LCD monitors

Software: GIS and statistical analysis software, including:

  • Esri ArcGIS suite
  • R Statistics and Data Analysis Language
  • SAFE FME Desktop
  • SPSS Statistics Package
  • Stata Data Analysis and Statistical Software
  • StatTransfer Data Conversion Package

Get Help

Staff: For help with lab issues or computer problems, contact Paul Lesack, Data/GIS Analyst.

GIS Resources: Online self-guided tutorials are available through the Esri Virtual Campus and including training in Esri's ArcGIS software suite. Courses are free for UBC students, faculty and staff. For more information or to get access, please contact Paul Lesack in Koerner Library ( For a listing of GIS and GIS-related courses offered at UBC as well as other colleges and universities, please visit UBC's Geomatics website course page.

Statistics Resources: SPSS workshops and consultation services are provided by the Research Commons. Please visit the Research Commons website for more information.

Help with statistical methodology is provided by the Department of Statistics' Statistical Consulting and Research Laboratory (SCARL).