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Top 10 Pet Peeves an Academic Journal Editor

  • Formatting requirements not met
  • Missing information or extraneous information during submission
  • Author requests for faster review
  • Paper not anonymized
  • Author provides list of possible reviewers
  • Doesn’t Respect Word Limit
  • Requests to use alternate format
  • Sending paper by e-mail when electronic submission system exists
  • Use of ALL CAPS in title

Correct citation style? Word Limit? Anonymized for blind review? Clear Title, Abstract and Keywords? Introduction has clear statement of purpose? Conceptual grounding or Literature Review Hypotheses or Research Questions that are clear, meaningful, answerable and flow logically Outline of methodology and appropriate sample Systematic and sensible discussion

Graphics speed comprehension? Conclusion does more than resummarize but does not go beyond evidence Copyright Permission Proofread Cover letter or email covering key points Supplemental data Check to see if available through Copyright Clearance Center at Contact Publisher Copyright/Permissions Office Check image caption to see if owned by third party If unpublished, ask content creator