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Publishing a monograph, or book, requires a lot of advanced planning. When considering publishing you must consider very carefully the publisher for your work. Questions to consider include the following:

  • How are books selected and are they peer-reviewed?
  • Will the draft of my monograph be professionally edited and are the editors experts in specific disciplines?
  • How will my book be promoted and where do the publishers distribute their publication catalogues (i.e. academic, popular or specialized institutions)?
  • Do the publishers' monographs appear in university libraries?
  • Do I have to pay for my work to be published? This is a frequently used model for academic presses, particularly in the humanities. If you have questions about the validity or authority of the publisher, contact your Subject Librarian.
  • Do I maintain some rights over my work? If so, what are my rights (i.e. use of the material for instruction, depositing in open access repositories, etc.)
  • Can I develop part of the work into additional articles or scholarly activities (i.e. conferences)?

The best approach when deciding on a publisher is to read the guidelines for submitting proposals. You can often find guidelines on the publishers websites in addition to a catalogue of the titles they have produced (Example:UBC Press). Use the website to get a sense of whether the publisher is a good place for your work to be published.

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For additional print directories for publishers and publishing, contact your Subject Librarian.