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Book reviews can be a good first step in gaining publishing experience and building your publication profile. In some cases, unsolicited offers to review new books are well received. It is not recommended to send an unsolicited review, as the book may be already in the process of being reviewed by someone else. Check the guidelines on the journal website to see their policy on book review submissions. Many journals will have a list of the number of reviews submitted and accepted per year, length of reviews, and whether or not unsolicited offers to review are accepted.

Selecting a Book to Review

Wendy Belcher, Managing Editor of "Aztlán: A Journal of Chicano Studies" offers these tips in selecting a book to review: Choose a book that,

"(1)is in your field, (2) is on a topic for which you have sound background knowledge, (3) has been published in the past two or three years, (4) and has been published by a reputable publisher (i.e., any press affiliated with a university, or large commercial presses)" - From Writing the Academic Book Review by Wendy Belcher

Resources on Book Reviews


Print Books

Additional library resources can be found through the Book Reviews link.

Finding Books to Review

Academic journals often list books recently received for review or recently published in their area. Many discipline-specific listservs have postings of new books available for review.

Humanities & Social Sciences Online (H-Net)

  • Publishes reviews of academics works. Journal editors often post messages here looking for reviewers. You can also search and read the reviews online at H-Net Reviewsto get an idea of the style.