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Humanities & Social Sciences Web Sources

Please note: Image and copyright permissions will vary across these resources, so it is important to read the image use guidelines or copyright policies on each site.


Africa Focus: Sights and Sounds of a Continent

  • An online collection of digitized images and audio materials collected by the African Studies Program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Edwards S. Curtis' The North American Indian

  • The complete work of Edward S. Curtis' The North American Indian, including all photogravures and texts.

Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative

  • A joint initiative between UCLA and the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, this searchable database contains photographs and illustrations of cuneiform tablets from 3350 BC to the end of the Christian era.

Canadian Studies

Images Canada

  • A searchable gateway to images on the web depicting people, places and events from Canadian culture and history.

Library and Archives Canada

  • A searchable database of historic materials from Library and Archives Canada. To search for available digitized materials, choose "Yes" from the drop down menu next to "Online". You can also select the type of material for which you want to search (maps, art, architectural drawings, photographs, etc.).

Canadian History Photos and Pictures of Canada

  • An page with links to a number of different resources for Canadian images (mostly historical).


American Memory from the Library of Congress - Maps

  • A database of historical and contemporary maps from selected Library of Congress collections.


A Summons to Comradeship: World War I and II Posters and Postcards

  • A collection of graphic materials from around the world relating to World War I and II.

Images of American Political History

  • A collection of 500 public domain images depicting moments in American history.

Travelers in the Middle East Archive (TIMEA)

  • A collection of digitized photographs, illustrations, and maps depicting Western interactions in the Middle East in the 19th and early 20th Centuries.


Global Performing Arts Database (GloPAD)

  • A database of over 4,500 images, videos and audio recordings related to performing arts around the world.