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If you need additional help accessing data resources, contact Paul Lesack at Koerner Library.

Data/GIS lab

Find out more about the Data/GIS lab and the facilities and services available there.


Beyond 20/20


SPSS workshops and consultation services are provided by the Research Commons.

Statistical Methodology

Help with statistical methodology is provided by the Department of Statistics' Statistical Consulting and Research Laboratory (SCARL).

Data Management

If you are collecting your own research data, find out more about Data Management.

Data/GIS Library Handouts

Below are a list of helpful library handouts:

1. Getting Started with Searching Abacus for Geospatial Data

2. Getting Started Finding Survey Data and Using Online Analysis Tools

3. Getting Started with the BC Economic Atlas

4. Getting Started with GeoSearch

5. Getting Started with CANSIM

6. Getting Started Mapping Census Data Using CHASS (Mapping Census Metropolitan Area (CMA) at the Census Tract (CT) level of subdivision)

7. Getting Started Mapping Census Data Using CHASS (Mapping Census Subdivisions (CSD) at the Dissemination Area (DA) level of subdivision)

8. Quick Start Exercises – PWT, UNdata, OECD.stat, IMF Data & World Bank Data

Note: Normally CSDs = cities