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Newspaper Articles

Newspaper article citations closely resemble journal article citations. However, the publication information differs slightly for these two information sources.

Citation Elements Item Details Sample Citations
Author(s) Duara, Nigel MLA Style:

Tamar Lewin. "College Flash Mobs Become Pep Rallies made for YouTube." New York Times 4 October 2011:A.12. Print

Article Title College Flash Mobs Become Pep Rallies made for YouTube
Newspaper Title New York Times APA Style:

Tamar Lewin. (2011, October 4). College flash mobs become pep rallies made for YouTube. New York Times, pp. A.12.

Date of Publication 2011
Page Numbers A.12
Medium of Publication Print

Distinguishing Features

  • The citation includes two titles: the title of the individual article and the title of the newspaper
  • No place of publication or publisher's name is given
  • No volume or issue numbers are given
  • The publication date includes the day, month, and year

Look It Up Via

To find newspaper articles by title, you can use Summon. Type the title of the article in the "General" search box on the library homepage. As with the example below, remember to add quotations to search for the title as a phrase.

Summon Newspaper Articles.png

For more information on telling different types of citations apart, check out this UBC Library tutorial.