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Find Reviews

Book, film, and theatre reviews are useful sources of information. They describe what the book, film, or play is about, providing a summary of the plot and its cast of characters. They also provide the reader with a critical analysis or evaluation of the book. While this analysis will not be as comprehensive in scope as a book of essays or an article from a research journal, a review is often a good way to get started.

Before you begin your search for a book, film, or theatre review you will need the following information:

  • title of the book, film, or play
  • author, director, or playwright
  • date of publication, release, or performance, as reviews usually appear within a few years of a work's first publication.

For a full guide on finding reviews of literature, theatre, and film, use the Book, Theatre, and Film Reviews

Find Criticism

Reviews provided you with an excellent overview of plot, cast, and characters but may not go into depth about the social, political, and cultural importance of a particular work. For a critical analysis or interpretation of a book, film, or theatrical performance, scholarly sources (e.g. articles, books) will provided a more thorough and comprehensive evaluation.

The following guide will show you several ways to find criticism using library resources.