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Additional Web Sources

Please note: Image and copyright permissions will vary across these resources, so it is important to read the image use guidelines or copyright policies on each site.

Commerce and Business Administration

American Memory from the Library of Congress - Advertising Collections

  • A database of images from selected Library of Congress collections relating to advertising in the United States.


  • Duke University's digital collection of historical newspaper and magazine advertisements from the U.S. and Canada produced from 1911-1955.


Education by Design: Educational Visual Aids from the Bienes Center's WPA Museum Extension Project Collection

  • An online exhibit and image database of over 700 historical educational visual aids produced under the Works Progess Administration in the 1930s and 1940s.


  • A "copyright-friendly" collection of images for use by teachers and students in education.


National Information Service for Earthquake Engineering, Visual Resources

  • A collection of images and flash presentations relating to structural and earthquake engineering, hosted by the National Information Service for Earthquake Engineering at the University of California, Berkeley.


  • A database with images of bridges, buildings, portraits, and products relating to structural and civil engineering, developed and maintained by Nicolas Janberg, a structural and bridge engineer.


Genomics: GTL Image Gallery

  • A collection of photographs and graphics related to the U.S. Department of Energy's Genomics Programs.

Hardin MD - Medical Pictures/Disease Pictures

  • Links to images of diseases and medical conditions from around the web.

Health Education Assets Library

  • A digital library of downloadable Creative Commons-licensed images, videos and tutorials related to the health sciences, including medicine, anatomy, and dentistry.