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The Education Library, part of the wider UBC Library system, primarily supports the information resource and research needs of the Faculty of Education. Part of this work is supporting contemporary understandings of the School Library Learning Commons and the role of the Teacher Librarian; specifically, their role in creating and maintaining a reading culture within schools as well as being leaders in implementing BC’s Digital Literacy Framework.

The Education Librarians are able to offer half day learning opportunities for secondary students in Grades 11 or 12 through co-ordination with school based Teacher Librarians. Sessions are available in the months of November, December and May.

Education Librarians will work with Teacher Librarians - employing flipped classroom and inquiry based questioning strategies - to develop a learning plan that addresses issues of information literacy, academic integrity, challenges abilities to identify and retrieve research materials, dispels myths and misconceptions about University Libraries, and ensures Students know that Library Services and Employees are there to help.

If interested in arranging one of these sessions, please have your school’s Teacher Librarian or contact the Education Library.