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Organizing Your Zotero Library

Attaching Files to References

While Zotero does not provide the PDF annotation and markup tools that Mendeley does, it does allow you to attach files (images, PDFs, Word documents, etc) to particular references. While these files will not be editable within Zotero, they will be accessible from any web browser you use to log into your Zotero account.

Using Zotero's Organizational Features

Zotero contains several useful features for organizing and searching your library of references. These include:

  • using tags to track subjects
  • using "collections" (Zotero's term for "folders")
  • detecting and merging duplicate references
  • taking notes and saving them as separate items in your library or attaching them to particular references
  • searching your library
  • sorting your references using criteria like Author, Title, Date Added, and so on.