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Limitations of Zotero

Zotero is a powerful citation management tool, but like all citation management tools it has limitations.

  1. Zotero lacks Z39.50 capabilities - Z39.50 is an information retrieval standard used by citation management tools like EndNote
  2. Duplicates can only be merged one at a time in Zotero - Many other citation management tools allow for duplicates to be batch deleted. Zotero does not have this option, and only allows for duplicates to be merged one at a time.
  3. Slow down with larger libraries - Zotero can accommodate libraries of about 30,000 records.
  4. Problems importing - Zotero frequently inaccuratly imports references from databases on the OvidSP platform (this includes MedLine, Embase, and AGRICOLA).

Because of these limitations Zotero is not suitable for advanced citation management projects like systematic reviews.