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Social Connectivity

  • Below the My Library window, where the Filter window is located, there is a button to open the Contacts window instead. Contacts can be added by invitation via email by clicking the ‘+’ sign at the top right corner of the contacts window.
  • Documents can then be sent to contacts by dragging the article onto the contact’s name. A window will open that prompts the document transfer and allows a message. Documents must be retrieved via the online account manager, and annotations on documents will not be kept on the sent document.
  • Groups can be created using existing contacts by clicking Create Group… under the Groups heading within the My Library window. Groups can be private (by invite only, not viewable by public, can share references and full-text files) or open to the public (can only share references). Open groups can be public (anyone can join and contribute), or invite-only (public can follow, but not contribute). Files that are shared within groups keep notes and annotations, so everyone in the group can see and contribute.
  • The Mendeley free version has group constraints. Each member with a free account can only create 1 private or invite-only group, and each group can only have a maximum of 3 members. The account must be upgraded to have more extensive use of the group functions. Details on the Mendeley website.
  • A Mendeley App can also be downloaded and synchronized with Apple mobile devices.