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To use Mendeley to create citations and bibliographies in Microsoft Word, the MS Word Plugin must first be installed. Word must be closed to install the plugin. Click Tools > Install MS Word Plugin. Mendeley will then give directions on accessing the citation manager within Word. Within Word, the citation manager (labeled in Word as "Mendeley Cite") is usually located under the References tab (Sometimes located under the Add-Ins tab depending on the Word version). On a Mac, the Mendeley tools in Word may be found under the scroll icon in the file menu.

Inserting citations

After clicking on Mendeley Cite, a window will pop up on the right, allowing articles within the library to be searched for according to author, title or year. Multiple references can be added at the same time.

Citation style

After an item is cited as seen here, the citation style can be selected from a list of commonly used styles. You can search for more styles from an online Mendeley database by clicking "Search for Another Style" or "Add Custom Style." If a style is changed, clicking Refresh in the Mendeley Cite window will update all citation fields.

Adding a bibliography to your document

The bibliography can be added to the document by placing the cursor in the desired location and clicking the three dots at the top right corner -> "Insert Bibliography" in the Mendeley Cite window. The bibliography will be linked to the citation manager, so if a style is changed and updated, it will update the bibliography as well.

Mendeley insert bibliography.png


If the document must be saved without the Mendeley citation formatting, it can be exported from the Mendeley Cite window without Mendeley fields. The citations and bibliography will be exported as normal text. REMEMBER: Once the connection to Mendeley is broken, it cannot be reconnected. Always save a copy of the document with the Mendeley fields active before exporting without Mendeley formatting.

Mendeley has a slightly different look in Mac versions of Word. After the Word plugin has been installed, click the symbol to open the Mendeley citation options:

Mendeley Image17.png

NOTE: Sometimes when Word accesses Mendeley Reference Manager, it will appear as if it has stopped working, as the Mendeley window will not popup in front. The Mendeley window must be prompted, and the action completed, before Word will resume functioning.