Library:Citation Management/EndNote Introduction

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EndNote is usually considered the leading citation management software package. The program enables you to move seamlessly through your research process with flexible tools for searching, organizing and sharing your research, creating your bibliography and writing your paper. The full version of EndNote is available as a desktop program. There is also a web based version of the software with fewer features called EndNote Web which can be synchronized with the desktop program.

EndNote is ideal for users who are creating complex documents with a large number of citations. It is an extremely robust program that offers a hassle-free ‘Cite While You Write’ experience. The formatting and bibliographic features are excellent and can handle even the most complex documents. It can store literally thousands of references and as many PDF’s as your computer’s memory can hold. You have the ability to create multiple libraries, allowing you to keep the citations for different projects separate. In addition, as one of the most commonly used programs, most databases (including the UBC library) offer an ‘export to EndNote’ option, making collecting accurate citations easy.

Configuring EndNote

To configure Endnote for the UBC Library Catalogue, use the following settings:

Element Set F
Record Syntax USMARC
Text Latin-1

Support for EndNote is also available from the Clarivate Analytics website.

Using the “Find Full Text” feature in EndNote is viewed by vendors as “excessive” downloading. This will result in the IP address to be blocked. Do not use the bulk/batch download “Find Full Text” feature.