Library:Circle/Setting Up a New Community

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  1. Contact cIRcle staff ( to discuss your needs.
  2. In consultation with cIRcle staff and your colleagues, decide on the community/collections structure for your unit, for example:
    Community: Faculty of Science
    Sub-community: Computer Science
    Collection: Computer Science Faculty Publications and Reports
  3. If you plan to submit your own work, please register for a cIRcle login if you don't yet have one. Then email cIRcle staff at to inform them that you have registered for a cIRcle login. If you wish to have someone else submit your work on your behalf, please contact cIRcle staff.
  4. Submit the online Workflow Authorization Form. To complete this form, you will need to know the following information:
    • Community
    • Sub-community (optional) and
    • Collection(s) to be set up, and
    • the login(s) for those you would like to be authorized to add submissions to the collection(s)
  5. Upon receipt of the Workflow Authorization Form, cIRcle staff will set up your community/collection and contact you when ready. You can then start submitting your materials .

    Note that submission is a two-step process:
    1. Submit/Upload (as a submitter, you create metadata or descriptive information and upload files).
    2. Review (a reviewer edits metadata and checks to ensure that the correct files have been uploaded, then adds records/files to the cIRcle database. The reviewer does not review the content of the files.)

      It is possible for one person to act as both submitter and reviewer.
  6. For each item submitted to cIRcle, a Non-Exclusive Distribution License from the rights holder is required. No item may be uploaded to cIRcle without the license in hand. If you are the rights holder and are submitting your own work to cIRcle, you will be asked to agree to a click-through license as part of the submission process. In this case, a separate license is not required.
  7. If your work is to be submitted to cIRcle by someone other than yourself, please submit a Non-Exclusive Distribution License(s) by email.

If you have any questions, please contact cIRcle staff.