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Projects: UBC Faculty & Staff can now use the cIRcle Item Submission Form to upload up to five items to cIRcle and complete our Non-exclusive Distribution License which includes a Creative Commons license. cIRcle staff will archive your work and provide you with a persistent link within 3-5 business days.

The following sections highlight just a few of the many exciting collection projects featured in cIRcle. For an exhaustive list, you can browse the database by all cIRcle collections or use the Open Collections search to narrow your results.

Follow us on Twitter (@cIRcle_UBC) for our latest projects.

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Projects in cIRcle

Tweets from UBC cIRcle (@circle_ubc)

Tweets from UBC cIRcle (@circle_ubc)

Tweets from UBC cIRcle (@circle_ubc)