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This guide describes a five-step process for adding or editing submitters to a collection in cIRcle. Use this function to authorize users to upload items to a specific collection or to remove authorizations. Only users with a cIRcle login can be added as a submitter. It is recommended that you remove authorizations for submitters who are no longer affiliated with the collection or university. This function is restricted to cIRcle users with collection administrator status. If you have any questions about authorizations, please contact cIRcle staff at

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On the cIRcle homepage at, look at the buttons under the main menu on the banner. Under “Submissions” choose “Login”.

Login from the cIRcle homepage

Choose a login method

Login to cIRcle using your UBC Campus Wide Login (CWL) or your cIRcle login.


Tip! If the user you would like to add as a submitter does not have a cIRcle login, please ask them to register here:

Choose a method to login to cIRcle

Edit Collection

Once you are logged into your cIRcle account, use the “Communities & Collections link under "Browse" to navigate to the collection page (eg. Library Events) where you want to add a submitter. Once you have located the desired collection page, click on the “Edit Collection” link in the left sidebar under “Context”.

Edit collection

Assign Roles

Under “Edit Collection”, click on “Assign Roles

Click on Assign Roles

Select the collection to edit

In the row marked “Submitters” in the “Role” column, click on the highlighted link for your collection (eg. COLLECTION_96_SUBMIT).

Select a collection to edit

Add/edit submitters

Type the name of the person you would like to un/authorize as a Submitter for your collection and click on “E-People”. You may have to search by last name only and select the user's name from a list. Once you have found the correct name, click the "Add" button next to the person's email address to add them as a submitter or click the "Remove" button to unauthorize a submitter.


Tip! You can use the “Return” button at any time to go back to the previous page or simply logout when you have finished.

If you have any questions please contact cIRcle staff at

Add or edit submitters


If you receive a message that reads, “Your search found no results”, email the cIRcle Office at for assistance.

Your search found no results


Congratulations! You have now completed editing your cIRcle submitters!

To exit cIRcle, go to the left-side menu and locate “My Account”, then click on “Logout”.