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Open Educational Resource Fund

The Open Educational Resources (OER) Fund was established through the UBC Academic Excellence Fund to support affordable and inclusive access to learning materials through the adaption, adoption, development, and integration of OER within UBC credit courses.


OER Rapid Innovation Grant

Zines as Open Pedagogy – GRSJ 102 Zine Faire
Library Contact: Erin Fields, Open Education & Humanities and Social Sciences Department
Partners: Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice Department
This project introduces students to the historical and ongoing activist medium of zines through a hands-on approach that incorporates open pedagogical practices. This project intends to familiarise students with the creation of zines, their historical context, and the role that zines continue to play in social justice activism today. As a medium that has inherently incorporated the concepts of remix and reuse (through collage, for instance), ethical questions around intellectual property in openly shared materials, and students as knowledge creators, this project will also introduce students to core issues of open educational resource creation. The project will culminate in a Social Justice Zine Faire in March 2020.