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Ashanti to Zulu : African traditions / Musgrove, Margaret.


In this alphabet book, the customs, ceremonies, and celebrations of twenty-six different African groups are described. The author and illustrators claim to have done exhaustive research in creating the book, which is shown in the thousands of details within the illustrations. In order to show various aspects of each African culture most illustrations include a man, a woman, a child, their living quarters, an artifact, and a local animal. In some cases, the images are superimposed and unnatural, but the effect is generally aesthetically appealing.Leo and Diane Dillon create warm, full-coloured paintings with pastels, watercolours, and acrylics. The simple borders surrounding each painting are created with watercolours and black ink, and the design at the corner of each frame is based on a Nigerian knot that was originally used during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. The locations of the twenty-six groups of African people are included in a map at the end of the book. The concentration of groups in West Africa is likely because Musgrove has lived and studied in Ghana.


., . Africa, Africa, Alphabet. Ethnology, Social life and customs

Reading Levels

Ages 8 - 9 / Grades 3 - 4

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