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A Picture Book of Sojournor Truth / David A. Adler ; illustrated by Gershom Griffith.


Adler has portrayed Sojourner as an outspoken champion of equality for both women and African-Americans. Beginning with an account of her childhood as a slave, the book traces her struggles for freedom, her self-naming, and her life as an itinerant preacher. Her tireless advocacy and support of newly-freed slaves led her to formal address on their behalf to Congress and President Grant, requesting western land grants. The illustrations are watercolor renditions of Sojourner at significant points in her life. All the books in this series can be used for easy reading or to read aloud. This particular biography would be an appropriate text for studies of the American Civil War, slavery, and the lives of remarkable people (women, African Americans) in history.


African Americans, Civil War, Freedom, Slavery, Sojourner Truth

Reading Levels

Ages 7 - 9 / Grades 2 - 3

Publication History