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LEAP is now the UBC Learning Commons!

Looking for LEAP and landed here? You’re in the right place! LEAP and the Chapman Learning Commons have always been collaborative partners to support your learning. With a new name ‘The Learning Commons’ we are bringing even more people and resources together to create an even stronger learning resource for UBC students.

Why the change...you may ask?

LEAP and the Chapman Learning Commons (located in the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre have always been connected and this integration will create a much more coordinated, easy to find hub for learning resources, both face to face and online.

What can the Learning Commons do for you?

The Learning Commons is your first stop for resources and tools that will help you learn more effectively. Connect online with a wealth of useful resources including Study Toolkits on topics from presentation skills to exam prep, and info on new and standard technologies that can make your studying a lot easier. In person at the Chapman Learning Commons, access workshops, technology help, tutoring, academic coaching programs, and Mac multimedia workstations. We’d love to hear from you! Feel free to explore the site and leave us your comments.


LEAP began as a collaborative effort between the AMS, the Office of Student Development, and the Office of Learning Technology in 2005.

In the following years, LEAP was awarded a generous TLEF grant to develop a new approach to supporting student learning at UBC.

In 2008, LEAP won the Spencer IT Innovation Award for its successful implementation of new and significantly improved ideas, services, and practices.


Our vision is to build and develop an online resource for students out of an innovative collaboration between students, faculty and staff in support of the learning and research needs of UBC students.

We believe this website, and many of the programs featured therein, are the beginnings of changing the culture of student support and success at UBC. We rely on a team of dedicated, talented, and visionary students and staff who suggest, build, design, write, dream, and implement everything you see here. This is a truly collaborative project that brings together expertise and energy from across campus to provide learning support for students.

Using This Site

As a student...


Having a hard time finding what you need? Use our customized search function, tags, or refer to the sitemap to get a sense of what's here.

For a search of the Learning Commons site, look for this search bar in the top right of your screen.


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Access one of our quizzes from the homepage (tab on the right side beside the chat window).

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Quickly browse through the Learning Commons site by using the navigation located on the right side of every page. Click on the expand button beside the page titles to see all sub pages within that section.



Students contribute to the site in a variety of ways, as:

  • student authors (hired by one of the partner organizations)
  • Blogsquad bloggers
  • Tweeters - if you use Twitter, share LEAP friendly tweets by adding the hashtag #ubclearn to your tweet.
  • Facebook - become a fan and start a discussion on a timely or controversial issue related to learning. "Like" the page and share it with your friends on Facebook.
  • Commenters - every page takes comments - share your ideas, comment on what you read.

Commenting - a few notes

We encourage comments from students related to the content on any page on the site. Share a related experience; pass on a good resource; offer an opposing point of view. Comments are moderated by the page author and we try to be timely about publishing your comments. We reserve the right not to publish comments that are unrelated to content, are self promoting or disrespectful to the page authors. Here are a few guidelines to help:

  • please make your point respectfully. If you can't, please use another venue for your post.
  • keep to the theme of the page. Comments are more useful to readers if they follow the thread of the content and offer something helpful/insightful to other readers.
  • if your comment is an advertisement, it will not be published.
  • if your comment is of a personal/private nature, we will respond privately and refrain from publishing your comment.

As a Faculty or Staff member...

For more info on how to use LEAP, see our faculty & staff page


Content Contributors

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Counseling Services UBC Learning Exchange

Steering Committee Members - 2010

Margot Bell – Associate Director,Student Development

Yalda Ebrahimi – AMS Tutoring Coordinator

Cindy Underhill – Learning Resource Designer, Office of Learning Technology

Gagan Sandhu – Office of Learning Technology, Co-op Student

Kevin Zhou - Office of Learning Technology, Co-op Student

Andre Malan - Office of Learning Technology, Co-op Student

Shannon Sterling – Student Development Officer

Julie Mitchell – Learning Services Librarian, Chapman Learning Commons

Pamela Toor – Academic Peer Assistant, Chapman Learning Commons

Amanda Lui – Academic Peer Assistant, Chapman Learning Commons

Novak Rogic – Web Strategy Manager, OLT

Janet Teasdale – Director, Student Development

Michelle Lamberson – Director, OLT

Content Sharing

The Learning Commons site offers many options for sharing and republishing content. Keep reading to see how you can start sharing now!

Use Embed

Found something on the site that you like to share? The Learning Commons site allows you to embed content directly in to your web page or blog. It's as easy as copying and pasting. On every page, there is a widget on the right called "Share." Click the "Embed" tab in the "Share" widget like so:


Copy the given embed code and paste it to your web page or blog. Make sure your web page or blog can read HTML & Javascript. For a more detailed description, see our "Using Embed" page: http://leap.ubc.ca/faculty-staff/using-embed/

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Every page has a comment box at the bottom of the page. Share your feedback, a related resource or a comment related to the content with other readers OR use the options for sharing the page with your networks in Facebook or Twitter.

Creative Common License


This license lets others distribute, remix, tweak, and build upon your work, even commercially, as long as they credit you for the original creation. This is the most accommodating of licenses offered, in terms of what others can do with your works licensed under Attribution.

For more information check out the Creative Commons site.