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The Chapmans

Kay and Lloyd Chapman, Benefactors


"We chose to fund the Learning Commons because we've always believed that people learn best when they are engaged in discussion, sharing ideas and insights with one another."

It is the often the most daring ideas that have the most impact. Nowhere is this more evident than in the support that Mrs. Kay Scott Chapman (1917-2012) and Dr. Lloyd Chapman (1918-2004) have given UBC Library. Longtime supporters of UBC, the Chapmans have inspired innovative projects and programs that have improved the quality of life of students, faculty and the wider community.

Mrs. Chapman attended UBC, and graduated in 1937. Her husband, Dr. Lloyd Chapman, attended UBC for one year before completing his degree in dentistry at the University of Toronto. Beginning in 1975, the Chapmans have made a yearly gift to the library, focusing their efforts on inventive projects with the highest degree of impact. Their dedication to innovative learning is evident in their gift to establish the Chapman Learning Commons, an exceptional facility that encourages group interaction and provides access to cutting-edge technology.

The Chapman Learning Commons officially opened in 2002, and reopened in 2008 in the newly completed Irving K. Barber Learning Centre. Located in the heritage section of the former Main Library, the Learning Commons has soaring ceilings, stained glass windows, and comfortable seating. The suite of programs and services offered in the Chapman Learning Commons support the Chapmans’ vision that discourse and debate with fellow learners greatly enhances the university experience by allowing the free exchange of ideas, theories and information.