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First interview, Jim Groom

    • "The option to make "public to the world" should be as easy as flipping a switch." Better yet, choose a default open platform such as this.

Or, to take the example of...

...where reuse of online materials is



Note: 'that guy' Brian and Jim are referring to in their little jokes about cults and Canadians is Minhaaj Rehman, who has some very strong words about the implicit imperialism he suggests is embedded in the open education model.

Second interview, David Wiley

  • The Future of OCW, and “OCW 2.0″: "A new generation of OpenCourseWare projects are built around sustainability plans. These second generation projects are integrated with distance education offerings, where the public can use and reuse course materials for free (just like first generation OCWs) with the added option of paying to take the courses online for credit (there is no way to earn credit from the first generation OCWs)."