Irving K Barber Learning Centre Study Space

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Group study rooms

There are 6 group study rooms in the Learning Centre, on levels 3 and 4 in the North Wing, that may be booked directly online HERE. Booking policies for these rooms are available HERE.

Open Study Spaces

The Learning Centre contains a number of open study areas. The main areas include the Qualicum Reading Room (305), the Chapman Learning Commons (300) and the Golden Jubilee Room (400). These study spaces contain a variety of comfortable furniture, natural light and spaces for individual and group study. There are also study areas located in many of the hallways and foyer areas on all levels.

Quiet and Silent Study

The Learning Centre also contains designated quiet and silent study areas. Silent study areas include the Ridington Room (321) and the Musqueam Room (455). The Nass Reading Room (459) is a designated quiet study area. Please respect others by turning cell phones off or to silent mode, and refraining from talking while using these areas