Inclusive Physical Activity Resources for People with Disabilities in British Columbia

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The following is a compilation of inclusive physical activity opportunities for people with disabilities across British Columbia. This list was generated by KIN 362: Inclusive Physical Activity for Individuals with Special Needs students, led by Dr. Jasmin Ma, and will be updated annually.

Note: With program changes and availability, information is continually evolving and information may contain inaccuracies. Please view for a depiction of how regions are organized.



Program/Facility Name Brief description Appropriate for physical,

sensory, intellectual disabilities, other

Accessible equipment (if applicable) Staff support (Y/N) Accessible parking


Discounts for people with

disabilities (Y/N)

Contact information Other Entered by (Student #) Checked by (Student #)
Physical Activity Research Centre Accessible gym/research facility dedicated to providing exercise opportunities for people with spinal cord injury Physical Pneumatic machines that allow for incremental weight adjustment, arm bikes, SCIFIT leg and arm bikes, pulleys with floorspace for wheelchair, raised plinth, Concept II rowing erg, active/passive leg trainer Y Y Y

Blusson Spinal Cord Centre at Vancouver General Hospital,

818 West 10th Avenue.

Phone: 604-675-8810

British Columbia Mobility Opportunities Society (BCMOS) Organization dedicated to providing guided hikes across the Lower Mainland, and adaptive paddling experiences for individuals with physical disabilities. BCMOS makes outdoor recreational activities possible to empower and encourage individuals with disabilities to pursue their passions. Physical The TrailRider - A one wheel all access wheelchair, powered by human helpers ("sherpas") at the front and back to tackle the toughest of terrain.

Accessible kayaks - Modified, fully accessible two person kayaks with pontoon attachments on either side for stability.

Paddle clips - Clips that attach paddles to the wrist for participants with limited grip strength

Wheelchair paddle boards - A modified stand-up paddle board with outriggers and an all terrain surf chair that locks into place.

Portable lift - Lift used to transfer participants from personal wheelchair to the TrialRider, kayaks and paddle boards.


Main Office - 318 -425 Carrall Street , Vancouver B.C., V6B 6E3

Phone: 604 222-1312

Hiking Location

Pacific Spirit Regional Park - 4915 West 16th Avenue

Paddling Location

Creekside Community Recreation Centre - 1 Athletes Way, Vancouver, B.C. V5Y 0B1

26801167 80021207
Southlands Therapeutic Riding Society Organization that is associated with the Canadian Therapeutic Riding Association (CANTRA) that offers therapeutic horseback riding to children and adults who have special needs and may need an alternative form of therapy. Physical, Sensory, Intellectual Specialized accessible horseback riding equipment that allows all participants to be able to ride a horse. Y Y N

Southlands Heritage Farms,

6767 Balaclava Street, Vancouver, BC, V6N 0A7

Phone: 604 417 0446

10483162 49783186
Power To Be Power To Be is a non-profit organization that provides inclusive outdoor programs to people living with a disability or barrier. First established in 1998, the organization is dedicated to empowering people of all abilities and socio-economic statuses to participate in outdoor activities and to connect with nature. Physical, sensory, Intellectual, cognitive disabilities. As well as individuals with injuries and illnesses.    Adapted equipment available for people of all abilities (e.g., TrailRider, sit-skis, etc.). Y Y Y

(All programs are subsidized and bursaries are also available.)

182 Pemberton Avenue, North Vancouver, BC, V7P 2R5   

Phone: (604)-971-5052

Programs and offices located in Vancouver and Vancouver Island. 15316169 49783186
Disabled Sailing Association of British Columbia (DSA-BC)    DSA-BC provides accessible and inclusive adaptive sailing programs/sessions for people with all levels of ability to use. Participants of DSA-BC range from novices to experienced sailors who may advance to join the Race Club. Physical Martin 16 sail boats – stable, accessible and adjustable seating, with a specialized control system.

Sip ‘n’ Puff technology – allows people of all abilities to sail. This technology uses the sailor’s breath to operate the sails and the steering of the boat. A single piece of tubing that applies pressure (puff) or vacuum (sip) from the sailor’s breath will operate the dual-switch system.

DSA provides an electric hoist for sailors who may need assistance transferring in and out of the Martin 16s.


Head Office:

318 – 425 Carrall St.

Vancouver, BC  V6B 6E3   


(May 20, 2020 – August 28, 2020)

Jericho Sailing Centre

1300 Discovery Street

Vancouver, BC V6R 4K5

Phone: 604-222-3003


General information:

Eric Molendyk

Phone: 604-688-6464 ext.117


Operates June through August.

Sailors need to be ages 8 and up.  

15316169 37937190
Pony Pals Therapeutic Riding Association (PPTRA)     PPTRA offers horse and pony riding programs to children (aged 3 and up) and adults faced with life barriers and challenges. Programs can be customized depending on the participant’s preference. Once involved, riders can stay involved in the program for as long as they would like. Physical, cognitive, intellectual, sensory, disabilities     Horses and ponies are chosen and specifically trained to be desensitized to sudden movements, loud noises, and various equipment.    Y Y N

(Program cost is discounted to $35 per rider per ride.)

3885B 96th St

Delta, BC, V4K 3N3

Phone: 604-590-0097

15316169 37937190
UBC Aquatic Centre The UBC Aquatic Centre has 4 pools as well as a steam and sauna room that can all be accessible by wheelchair either using a lift or ramp. It has staff that are trained to use any extra equipment and who can help patrons. Physical Universal changerooms that can be used by anyone of any gender. Wheelchair accessible changerooms and a

water wheelchair that guests can transfer onto and go into the water with.

Automated wheelchair lifts in both the Hot Tub and Competition Pool that can be operated with the help of staff.

Ramps leading into both the Leisure and Recreational Pools.


6080 Student Union Blvd

Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z1

Phone: 604-822-4501

10483162 37937190
SportAbility A non-profit charity dedicated to providing safe and fun physical activity programs for anyone in British Columbia living with a disability. Physical N/A Y Y N (Full membership is $25, Recreation membership is $10, and Supporter memberships come with no fee, for individuals who wish to just support the program, rather than participate.)


780 SW Marine Drive

Vancouver BC

V6P 5Y7

Phone: 604-324-1411

34467167 49783186
Canucks Autism Network CAN is an organization committed to providing inclusive physical activity and social programs to individuals with autism, and their families. Intellectual Visual aids, such as: first-then boards, token boards, visual schedules, countdown strips, timers, choice boards, go/stop signs, etc. Y Y N (The annual membership fee is $25 for all members/families and provides access to all CAN programs. Though, if a family is unable to afford the fee, they can apply for a fee reduction or waiver.)

1788 West 8th Avenue

Vancouver BC, V6J 1V6


34467167 49783186
The Vancouver Park Board Adapted sports and recreation programs for individuals of all ages living with a disability. Physical Aquatic lifts, water wheelchairs, ice sleds at rinks, Mobi-Mats. Y Y Y ("Leisure Access Discount")

Phone: 604-718-5853

Adapted and Integrated Programs

Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation

2099 Beach Ave

Vancouver BC V6G 1Z4

34467167 49783186
Vancouver Adaptive Snowsports Adaptive stand up ski, sit ski and snowboard lessons for people with physical and intellectual disabilities. Variety of programs offered at Grouse Mountain, Cypress Mountain and Mt. Seymour. Private lessons with two instructors per one student as well as racing programs are offered. Physical, Intellectual, Rental equipment is available and can be reserved when booking lessons. Stand up skis, snowboards and sit skis are available. Y Y (Grouse) All programs are offered at a reduced rate.

Suite 322, 125A- 1030 Denman st.

Vancouver BC. V6G 2M6


80021207 88080387
The Disabled Independent Gardeners Association (DIGA) Provides opportunities for people with physical disabilities to actively participate in gardening Physical, Intellectual Custom Adpative Gardening Tools Available, Adaptive Table Tops Y Y Free to participate Suite 318 – 425 Carrall Street

Vancouver, BC V6B 6E3

Phone: 604-688-6464

17132168 37937190
Richmond Therapeutic Riding Association (RTRA) To provide a quality therapeutic horseback riding program for children and youth with disabilities in order to promote physical, social and psychological well being. Physical, Intellectual, Sensory Y


N 13671 No. 3 Road

Richmond, B.C.


phone: 604 241 7837

17132168 15316169
GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre A rehabilitation centre that has an accessible fitness centre Physical Sci Fit, Pulley Machine with floor space for wheel/power chairs, vertical bench press and lat pull down with removable/adjustable seating Y Y Y, clients must have an assessment by a clinician before working out 4255 Laurel St, Vancouver, BC

V5Z 2G9

Phone: (604) 734-1313

88080387 26801167
Unwin Park A new accessible outdoor playground Physical, Intellectual, sensory Playgrounds have double-wide ramps, a quiet play space and a wheelchair-accessible merry-go-round. The accessible play area are designed to encourage various motor, cognitive and sensory skills to be used. N Y Free 13313 68 Ave, Surrey, BC V3W 2E8

Phone: (604) 501-5050


88080387 26801167
BC Powersoccer Association - Greater Vancouver Electric Wheelchair Sports Society A non-profit and volunteer-driven organization representing local Powersoccer teams in this region. Our mission is to provide all persons who require a power wheelchair an opportunity to play Powersoccer. Physical, Intellectual

Individuals who use a wheelchair

Y Y N Place: Killarney Community Ctr 6260 Killarney

Contact: Margaret #604-251-2030

Sundays at 7 – 8:30 pm 17132168 37937190
Level 10 Fitness & Health

Level 10 Fitness is a high quality gym with very well trained staff and trainers who have a large knowledge base. They provide training for all body types and levels and have a great sense of community within their gym.

Physical Wheel chair accessible, arm bikes, leg bikes, open floor space design, and more! They also have very knowledgeable trainers (some with experience training those with physical disabilities). Y Y N 140-890 Harbourside Drive

North Vancouver, BC V7P 3T7

P: 604-985-8910



Also offers home visits where the trainer will come to you. 49783186 34467167
Sensual Solutions A resource to enhance intimacy in the lives of men and women with physical disabilities (aged 19+) who want or need assistance with sex or sexuality. Physical N/A Y N/A they come to you. N W:

P: 604-836-6484


They offer relationship coaching, sex education, and other intimate services. 49783186 34467167
North Shore Disability Resource Center

NSDRC is a non-profit that offers a number of different programs and recreational activities for individuals with a disability. These programs are offered to a wide range of different ages.



N/A Y Y N 3158 Mountain Highway

North Vancouver, BC V7K 2H5


P: 604-985-5371


49783186 34467167
Richmond Olympic Oval The Richmond Olympic offers a wide range of recreational activities for individuals who have physical, cognitive and sensory impairments. Their motto is "accessibility for all" and features a world class barrier free design. Physical, Cognitive, Sensory Sport Wheelchairs - Designed for sport and are much wider than the average wheelchair

Technogym Inclusive Line - allows individuals with physical, cognitive and sensory impairments to utilize strength and cardio equipment at the fitness centre

Y Y N 6111 River Road V7C 0A2

Richmond, British Columbia


P: 778-296-1400


The Richmond Olympic Oval is also recognized in the Awards Circle of Excellence as a best in class example of accessible and inclusive community places 26801167 80021207
Wheeling 8's Square Dance at Chuck Bailey Recreational Centre Wheeling 8 provides square dancing opportunities for dancers in wheelchairs, caregivers as well as able bodied persons. Physical n/a Y Y Y (First session is free) Chuck Bailey Recreational Centre

13458-107A Avenue, V3T 0G4

Surrey, British Columbia


P: 604-358-2841


Beginners are welcome every Thursday night. 26801167 80021207
The Robert Lee YMCA An All-inclusive community centre that offers programs and services that strengthen the lives of families, children, teens, adults and seniors Physical, Sensory,

& Intellectual Disabilities

Wheelchair Accessible entry, washrooms, changerooms, elevators, and swimming pool chair lift.

Kinesis Technogym resistance training for rehabilitation and general strength training

Nu step recumbent cross trainer

Water Wheel Chair

Brail Signage

Y Y Y, offers subsidized programs for  PWD, & individuals and families with low income

955 Burrard Street

Vancouver, BC V6Z 1Y2

Phone: 604-689-9622

Fax: 604-699-9622

37937190 94805306
West Vancouver Aquatic Centre An ozonated pool that provides a variety of programs (leisure, rehabilitation, fitness) for everyone in the community Physical, sensory, and Intellectual disabilities Water wheelchairs

Pool mobility cart

Accessible change rooms and washrooms

Ceiling track lifts in change room

Zero-depth entry leisure pool with warm temperatures

Accessible weight room and equipment

Accessible viewing area

Remote control access lift into main pool



Leisure access provides PWD or low-income residents with access to basic recreation programs at a subsidized cost.

2121 Marine Dr, West Vancouver, BC V7V 4Y2

Phone: 604 925 7270

37937190 94805306
UBC Recreation Provides an inclusive and integrated experience for everyone regardless of their capabilities Physical, Sensory, Cognitive, Emotional, social Wheelchair friendly accessibility

Washrooms & Changerooms

Aquatic lift


Brail signage


Wheel Chair Basketball, Parasport Games, Parasport Rowing League, intramural events


6000 Student Union Boulevard

Vancouver, BC Canada V6T 1Z1



604 822 6000

37937190 94805306
Sirota's Alchymy: Martial Arts for Physical Disabilities Martial Arts & life skills centre that focuses on instilling positive life skills to all individuals. Physical, Sensory, Cognitive, Intellectual and Social Disabilities, as well as Individuals overcoming various injuries N/A Y Y N/A RICHMOND:

1 – 3740 Chatham St.

Richmond, British Columbia V7E 2Z3

Phone: 604-244-8842


6647 Victoria Drive

Vancouver, British Columbia V5P 3Y2

Phone: 604-569-3395

Email: Send emails through website

Hours: 11am - 9pm (Vancouver location)

11am - 8pm (Richmond location)

34177600 15316169
Richmond Oval-Women's Only Wheelchair Basketball A segregation program held by the Greater Vancouver Women’s Wheelchair Basketball Club in Richmond Oval. All levels of female participants are welcomed. As wheelchair basketball is an inclusive sport, participants with varying abilities are encouraged to join. Physical, developmental, cognitive disabilities Richmond Oval provides sport wheelchair rental services. Y Y N/A 6111 River Rd Richmond, BC V7C 0A2 Canada

Registration can be done on or contact

For participants under 19, a waiver has to be signed by her guardian.

January 20 (7-9pm), February 10 (7-9pm), March 9 (7-9pm), and April 6 (7-9pm). 94805306 37937190
Bonsor Recreation Complex- Fitness Challenge Adapted Programs This program aims to create awareness of disabilities. All levels of ability are welcome. The course focuses on flexibility, mobility and strengthening. It is suitable for those who have Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis or head injuries. It helps them develop the habits of being active. Physical and Intellectual Wheelchair friendly accessibility

Washrooms & Change rooms

Aquatic lift

Adapted Resistance Training Equipments

Y Y N 6550 Bonsor Ave, Burnaby, BC V5H 3G4

Registration by 604-294-7450

or in person at front desk.

9 sessions with 16 available spots.

Every Wednesday since Jan 15, 2020

Currently not available for online registration.

94805306 37937190
Edmonds Community Center- Adapted Yoga Inclusive basic yoga exercises for people with disabilities. Exercise provided in a well-supported environment. The program is flexible and based on each student’s own pace. Physical Wheelchair accessible facility, washrooms and fitness room.

Adapted and flexible curriculum.

Y Y N Registration can be done by calling:


or in person at . front desk.

7433 Edmonds St, Burnaby, BC V3N 1B1

Caregivers are required to join in case help is needed.

$59.85 for 7 sessions

94805306 37937190
InterFit-Integrated Fitness Society A non-profit organization that offers a wide range of outdoor and indoor activities. Their main focus is to build a welcoming community to those with disabilities to reduce isolation and promote healthy community integration. Physical Custom Off Road Chair (ORC) a wicked cross between a mountain bike and a wheelchair, and the TrailRider a splendid mixture of rickshaw, wheelchair, and wheelbarrow. Y N N 260-1641 Lonsdale Avenue

North Vancouver, BC , V7M 2J5




BC Wheelchair Floorball Floorball programs for individuals with or without a disability. Provides services for beginners at the local level and to experts at the international level of the sport. Offered at Queen Elizabeth park and Roundhouse Community Centre. Physical Sticks and sport wheelchairs are provided. N/A N N

181 Roundhouse Mews

Vancouver BC

$20 for the year with $6 drop in fee. Free for those experiencing financial hardship. 80021207 88080387
Adaptive Zumba

Pinetree community centre

Adaptive Zumba classes designed for individuals with developmental delay. Physical, Intellectual Accessible washrooms and automated doors to facility. All equipment for Zumba classes provided. N Y N


1260 Pinetree Way

Coquitlam BC V3B 7Z4

Those who require one on one support are encouraged to bring an assistant. 80021207 88080387
Self Defence Without Limits - Cerebral Palsy Association of BC Provides individuals with cerebral palsy and other disabilities to take part in self defence classes. Physical N/A Y N/A N Suite 330 – 409 Granville Street

Vancouver, British Columbia V6C 1T2

Hours: 11am - 5pm

Phone: 604-408-9484

Membership is free to join the Cerebral Palsy Association; it lasts for one year from September 1st to August 31st. 34177600 37937190
Kilarney Community Centre - Pathways 2 Health (P2H) for adults (Stroke recovery group) A weekly social/wellness program with chair stability, walking techniques, word games and health education Physical, Social, Intellectual N/A Y Y Y Website:

6260 Kilarney Street, Vancouver BC

V5S 2X7

Phone: 604-718-8200

$20 for 3 month session or $2.86 for drop in 88080387 26801167
UBC BodyWorks Gym The mission of the UBC BodyWorks Gym is to provide exercise-based programs for older adults such as Fitover50, Changing with Aging and Spin classes. These classes can also be done by those who have a physical disability, as the exercises in these classes can be modified and adapted accordingly. Physical Treadmill




weight machines

Row machines

Resistance Bands

Medicine Balls



Y Y N Location: The University of British Columbia

Address: The University of British Columbia, 6108 Thunderbird Blvd Unit 1, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z3

Tel: (604) 822-0207


22141220 17132168
Spinal Cord Injury BC (SCI BC) SCI BC is a non-profit organization that helps with people who have a spinal cord injury or related disabilities and injuries. They also have a peer support program which helps British Columbians overcome the challenges they have to face in a wheelchair. Physical



N/A Y Y N Address: 780 SW Marine Dr, Vancouver, BC V6P 5Y7

Tel: (604) 324-3611

22141220 17132168
Disability Alliance BC Disability Alliance BC provides direct services for people of all disabilities. Their Advocacy Access Program assists people with disability benefits, the Persons with Disabilities benefit (PWD) and the Persons with Persistent Multiple Barriers Benefit (PPMB) Physical



N/A Y Y N 456 BROADWAY W, Vancouver, BC V5Y 1R3

Tel: +1 800-663-1278

22141220 17132168
Tidal Wave Aquatics- Hyde Creek Recreation Center Tidal Wave Aquatics offers pool physiotherapy for children with a variety of diagnoses including developmental delay, cerebral palsy, brain injury, autism, torticollis and others. Using therapy plans specially developed for each child individually and carefully trained youth assistants, the program presents fun games and exercise activities to facilitate each child’s therapy program. Physical


Aquatic wheelchair ramp into the leisure pool

Wheelchair lift into the lap pool

Accessible change rooms/washrooms

Y Y N 3306 Carriage Court

Coquitlam, BC V3E 3G6

Info/Scheduling: 604-463-7537 (7KFP)

Fax: 604-941-3410

N/A 29323615 15316169
UBC Tennis Center UBC Tennis Center aims to offer comprehensive tennis programming from professional staff who will strive to be leaders in the Lower Mainland public tennis community. They will provide the facility, instruction and service required for people of all ages and all levels of playing ability to improve their skills and enjoy their tennis experience. Physical



The Tennis Centre facility is wheelchair accessible with automatic doors at both entrances, being on one level, and wheelchair washrooms/showers. Y Y N 6160 Thunderbird Boulevard

Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z3

Tel: 604-822-2505


N/A 29323615 15316169
Yoga4Every-Body Yoga4Every-body is Accessible Yoga and a class or session may include adapted postures or poses, breath-work and breathing techniques, restorative or releasing techniques, mindfulness or meditation techniques. Physical Props





Y Y N Contact through website: N/A 29323615 15316169
Pitt Meadows Family Recreation Centre A facility that includes a youth centre, prechool/daycare, gymnasium, multipurpose room, and a fitness centre. Physical


Floor markings for those who have Alzheimers located in the fitness centre space

Two Sci-Fit Pro-2 Machines with detachable seat options for both upper/lower limb work.

Y Y Y, subsidy application allows PWD and low income indviduals access to programs at a reduced rate. Website:

Phone: (604)-465-2452

Address: 12027 Harris Road, Pitt Meadows, BC V3B 6Y9

N/A 98439003 94805306
Adaptive Aqua Motion - City Centre Aquatic Complex An exercise program designed for individuals looking to increase their functional abilities with the use of the water. Participants are encouraged to bring an attendant. Physical Wheelchair accessible facility with automated doors and accessible washrooms/changerooms. Viewing area can also be reached via wheelchair and a lift can provide access to the pool Y Y Y, Subsidy application for those who inquire and meet the specific disability or low-income requirements Website:

Phone: 604-927-6999

Address: 1210 Pinetree Way, Coquitlam BC V3B 7T8

N/A 98439003 94805306
Eileen Dailly Leisure Pool & Fitness Centre Recreation Centre in North Burnaby that offers amenities such as a swimming pool, sauna, weight room, and waterslide Physical Accessible parking located in the southside of the building.

Automated doors and accessible washrooms/change-rooms

Weight Room: Active Passive Trainer and Accessible Pulley Station

Y Y Y, PWD or low income individuals can fill out a subsidy application to access this recreation centre’s services and programs at a reduced rate Website:

Phone: 604-298-7946

Address: 240 Willingdon Ave, Burnaby, BC V5C 5E9

N/A 98439003 94805306
Hillcrest Pool Recreational swimming centre with 3 swimming pools, a hot tub, diving boards, a slide, a fitness centre and steam & sauna room. Physical Aquatic pool lift that is wheelchair accessible.

Aquatic wheelchairs that can go in the water.

Pool with ramp access.

Universal changeroom that can be used by anyone and has accessible changing stalls for people with disabilities.

Y Y Y Website:

Phone: 604-257-8680

Address: 4575 Clancy Loranger Way Vancouver, BC V5Y 2M4

N/A 10483162 34177600

Fraser Valley

Program/Facility Name Brief description Appropriate for physical,

sensory, intellectual disabilities, other

Accessible equipment (if applicable) Staff support (Y/N) Accessible parking


Discounts for people with

disabilities (Y/N)

Contact information Other Entered by (Student #) Checked by (Student #)
Wheelchair Basketball/Abbotsford Recreation Centre Partnered with the BC Wheelchair Basketball Society to present this fun, fast-paced sport that is sure to challenge and excite. Community Recreation Leaders teach fundamental movements through drills and games. Physical Limited number of sport wheelchairs Y Y Y ARC Recreation Coordinator

Phone: 604-853-4221



78717733 56234164
Together in Movement and Exercise/Chilliwack YMCA Evidence based, exercise program designed for adults with stroke, acquired brain injury, multiple sclerosis or other mobility concerns. It promotes better health and social connection for people living with chronic health conditions. Classes are one hour in duration and are held twice a week for 12 weeks. Physical, Sensory, Intellectual Y Y Y

Phone: 604-673-6179


Participant eligibility is required. 78717733 14541163
Swim Program by Canucks Autism (ages 3-6)/Mission Leisure Centre Early Years participants work on entries into the water, buoyancy and movement, bubbles, floats, and front and back swim. Intellectual Y Y Y Y (segregated program for those with diagnosed Autism Spectrum Disorder)


Membership registration is required (25$) 78717733 11009164
Sit and Be Fit/Chilliwack Landing Leisure Centre This is a program that incorporates cardio, strength, balance, and flexibility. It is low impact where the focus is on body movements that allow for one to be seated/ balanced Physical, Sensory Y Y Y Phone: 604 793 7946

email: [[1]]

14541163 56234164
Fraser Valley Child Development Centre A facility that provides aid for families who have intellectual concerns for their children. The facility helps children who have both short term and life-long needs, such as Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Autism etc. physical, sensory and intellectual Y Y Y N


102 - 32885 Ventura Ave, Abbotsford, B.C. V2S 6A3

Phone: 604-852-2686

Applicable for children 18 years old or younger 29082161 56234164
Zajac Ranch for Children A camp that provides children with medical conditions an opportunity to go to camp and enjoy the activities and interactions that every child should go through in their childhood. physical, sensory, and intellectual Y Y Y N(but allowance available to all campers to lower price from 1900 to 725) Address: Suite 300 - 2006 West 10th Ave., Vancouver, British Columbia, V6J 2B3, Canada

Website: Email: [[2]] Phone: (604) 739.0444

29082161 11009164
Bridging the Gap Sports such as wheelchair basketball, wheelchair rugby and wheelchair tennis are available for anyone with physical disabilities physical Y Y Y N Website:

British Columbia Contacts:

Holly Tawse


29082161 14541163
MRC & ARC pools Aquatic centres with zero-depth access, wheelchair lifts and slings to assist in safe entrance to all pools physical Y Y (lifeguards assist in entrance) Y Y *(special needs access program described below) Website:

2499 McMillan Road

Abbotsford, BC

V2S 7S5

Phone: 604-853-4221

3106 Clearbrook Road

Abbotsford, BC

V2T 4B9

Phone: 604-855-0500

instructors have specialised training to include children with disabilities in Red Cross swim programs 11009164 56234164
ARC Adapted Sport Zone & MRC Adapted Fit Zone Offers the opportunity for children and youth who require additional support to participate in safe, inclusive sports; incorporates basic weight training, and cardio to music. All abilities welcome physical Y Y (community rec leaders, aids welcome) Y Y *(special Needs access program described below) Abbotsford PRC Program Guide

2499 McMillan Road

Abbotsford, BC

V2S 7S5

Phone: 604-853-4221

3106 Clearbrook Road

Abbotsford, BC

V2T 4B9

Phone: 604-855-0500

drop-in program 11009164 78717733
*Special Needs Access Program Full-time Abbotsford residents who have permanent disabilities receive a 50% discount on PRC facility regular drop-in admission and memberships. all N/A N/A N/A Y Abbotsford PRC Program Guide

*location/rec facilities vary by program

must be full time Abbotsford resident and have a diagnosis for a permanent disability 11009164 78717733
Chair Yoga Our instructor will take you through this gentle form of yoga with movements sitting in a chair or standing using the chair for support. The chair takes away the difficulty of having to get up and down off the floor. You will learn many yoga postures, breathing techniques, meditation and ways of relaxation. physical chair Y Y Y (* special needs access program) Abbotsford PRC Program Guide

11009164 78717733
Kent community recreation and cultural centre Spring and summer leisure activities. These activities consist of yoga, fitness classes, and rehab, all geared towards people with disabilities or individuals with limited mobility. Each activity requires no previous experience and is suitable for all skill levels Physical Y Y Y N 7170 Cheam Avenue

Agassiz, BC V0M 1A0

Phone: 604-796-2235

Fax: 604-796-985

33048159 56234164
Pacific riding for Developing abilities Accessible equestrian lessons for people that have cognitive/physical disabilities. PRDA offers fun and engaging physical activity that comes with horseback riding along with opportunities to bond with horses, which can provide emotional support Physical, Cognitive Y Y Y N/A (prices vary between funded and non-funded riders) 1088 - 208th Street

Langley, B.C. V2Z 1T4

Telephone: 604-530-8717

Fax: 604-530-8617

33048159 56234164
W.C Blair rec centre Adapted community centre with main features being weight room, aquatics, and room rentals. Physical Y

Adapted access into pool and whirlpool

Pool wheelchairs

Adapted access to changing rooms (wheelchair accessible)

Yes - trained in adaptive lifeguarding and for fitness lessons Y N 22200 Fraser Highway

Langley, BC V3A 3T2

Phone:  604-533-6170

Fax:      604-533-6178

no special pricing for PWD, however if you do require financial assistance a 25% discount is available with application 33048159 11009164
Frazer Valley Sports Complex and Icebox Rink Home to an NHL-sized ice rink known as the “Ice Box” as well as soccer fields, a sand volleyball court, picnic areas and grills. Physical N Y Y N Phone: 790 726 5919 Offers a Paralympic Day where equipment is brought in. Doors are also large enough for wheelchairs to fit through. 56234164 14541163
Pole Creek Golf Club Offers 3 distinct courses with 27 holes of high altitude Colorado Mountain Golf. The area also has amazing views and lush meadows with nearby hiking trails and 5 lakes for people not interested in golfing. Physical,

Sensory (hearing-impaired)


ADA Golf Carts

Y Y N Email:

Phone: 970 887 9195

Mailing Address:

Pole Creek Golf Club

P.O. Box 3348

Winter Park, CO 80482

56234164 33048159
Grand Park Community Recreation Centre Community centre featuring a climbing wall, loop slide, cardio room, fitness classes, art programs and more. Physical,



Arm Bike Machines


Silver Sneakers Membership


Phone: 970 726 8968

Used by the NSCD 56234164 14541163
Water Wellness A program specifically designed for people with a limited range of movements. Performed in a warm pool to help with movements. Physical, Sensory N Y Y N Email:

Phone: 604-820-5350

7650 Grand Street, Mission

Ideal for those with arthritis, or limited movements 14541163 29114535
Neuromuscular Integrated Action Technique (NIA) at Pure wellness Group classes offered at a wellness studio including adapted basics from tai chi, yoga and dance Physical, Sensory N Y Y N Email:

phone: 604-847-3496

14541163 11009164


Program/Facility Name Brief description Appropriate for physical,

sensory, intellectual disabilities, other

Accessible equipment (if applicable) Staff support (Y/N) Accessible parking


Discounts for people with

disabilities (Y/N)

Contact information Other Entered by (Student #) Checked by (Student #)
Kelowna KOs Wheelchair Rugby (Gladiator Ball) A mixed team sport for male and female youth and adult athletes with a disability affecting the arms and legs, be it from spinal cord injury, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, amputations, polio, or other neurological conditions (including MS). Wheelchair rugby combines aspects of rugby, basketball and handball and using specifically designed manual wheelchairs. Although there are classifications of disability for the creation of teams, all players are fielded despite the case of mixed classifications. Physical, sensory, some intellectual disabilities [[3]]


59531160 34177600
Powerhounds Adaptive Snowsports Powderhounds Adaptive Snowsports (PAS) offers unique skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing opportunities for individuals with physical, cognitive and sensory challenges at Big White Ski Resort, with the program running from January through March, offering a choice of sessions for stand-up skiers/snowboarders or sit skiers. The program consists of a team of certified volunteer instructors who are trained to be innovative and creative in adapting teaching methods for students. Physical, sensory, intellectual disabilities Y

however, "Students using a sit ski must weigh less than 175lbs for safety reasons (Safe lifting/Equipment Failure)"

Participants must register with both BC Adaptive Snowsports (BCAS) and People in Motion (PIM) for insurance and discounted lift passes.

59531160 3417760
YMCA H2O Adventure + Fitness Centre A new water park with accessible features and children's activities. Physical, sensory, intellectual disabilities Yes, Button-activated Automatic Swinging Doors, wheelchair accessible pathways, changing boards in pool washrooms, water wheel chairs, wheelchair lift into pool, ramp into wave pool, one bathroom stall that has a power-operated lift to transfer people to a water wheelchair. N/A Yes No 250-491-9622


Financial assistance available for families who face financial barriers to participating in programs. 59531160 88958574
Community Recreational Initiatives Society (CRIS)-Adaptive Adventures (CRIS) Adaptive Adventures offers a variety of outdoor and wilderness programs to outdoor enthusiasts with disabilities. Provides day and evening excursions that run throughout the Okanagan region specifically designed to enable all people regardless of disability to enjoy the benefits of outdoor recreation. Some recreational activities include paddling, hiking, or cycling. Programs such as multi-day trips are offered throughout the year upon request. Kayaking is offered from April through September. Hiking and cycling are offered year-round (depending on weather). Cross-country skiing and snowshoeing are offered during the winter months (depending on snow). Appropriate for all people with physical, sensory, intellectual disabilities, or others Yes. CRIS uses a variety of different accessories to ensure the comfort of each individual on each and every unique trip. Whether it is raining, snowing or a beautifully bright summer day, CRIS has the gear needed.

- TrailRider

- Single and Tandem Recumbent + Tandem Upright

- Sit Skis

- "One-Arm-Rigger” paddle

- Snowshoe Sleighs

Yes, volunteers are involved with outings. Y Y Office Phone 250.979.3941  



Primary Contact: Colette Chorney, Program Facilitator

Email: [[5]]

Alternate Contact: Dawn Widdifield, Executive Director

Email: [[6]]

88958574 59531160
People in Motion—Adaptive Recreation People in Motion work to develop and enhance the lives and informal supports for people with disabilities and seniors with special needs. Members have access to adaptive recreational programs that include sports like Power Wheelchair Soccer, Wheelchair Basketball, Wheelchair Curling, Bike Buddy and the Duet Bike. Appropriate for all people with physical, sensory, intellectual disabilities, or others (depending on program); encourage participation of people with physical and sensory disabilities, seniors with special needs and their families Yes. People in Motion provide lift equipped transportation and have a variety of adaptive recreational equipment available to members through an equipment loans program. Yes, volunteers are the basis of the programs. Volunteers help organize and set up events, assist with many of our adaptive sports programs, transportation, instruction, coordinating activities and tournaments as well as manage recreational activities that take place on a weekly basis Y N Phone: 250-861-3302

E-mail: [[7]]


Low-cost: $10 annual membership fee provides total program access. 88958574 59531160
Okanagan B.C. Wheelchair Basketball Society Members are eligible to participate in regular BCWBS programming and sanctioned regional, provincial and national level events such as the BC-CWBL, Development Programs, Junior & Mini-Basket Camps and Tournaments, Canada Games and Provincial Team Programs which includes training and competitions. Members are also eligible to participate in the BCWBS Wheelchair Loan Program and may be recognized through the BCWBS Annual Awards Program. Appropriate for all people with physical disabilities On occasion development resources and equipment are made available to registered clubs throughout the province. Y Y Y Contact Person: Joe Higgins

Email: [[8]]


Main Email: [[9]]

Phone: (604) 333.3530

Fax: (604) 333.3450

Membership Fees:

Athlete Adult: $35

Athlete Juniors U19: $20

Coach: $35

Supporter: $20

Club Affiliate: $75

Official/Classifier: $5

Life Member: No charge

88958574 29114535
Mount Baldy Adaptive Ski Programs Offers unique skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing opportunities for individuals with physical, cognitive and sensory challenges. Program consists of certified volunteer instructors who are innovative and creative in adapting teaching methods for their students. Students can be stand-up skiers/snowboarders or sit skiers. Physical, sensory and intellectual disabilities Yes. Stand-up or sit-down equipment rentals. Y Y N Email:

Phone: 1 250 498 4086

Location: 2680 Mount Baldy Rd

Oliver, BC V0H 1T0

28111169 59883165
Disabled Sailing Association of British Columbia - Okanagan Branch DSA BC is a non-profit organization which introduces people with disabilities and age-related issues to the joys of sailing. Programs include sailing for fun, sailing to learn and the opportunity to learn to race. Appropriate for individuals with physical disabilities. Yes. Boats are designed not to tip so even people with severe disabilities can learn to operate them using a joystick or state of the art sip and puff technology. Y Y N ($30 for single sail. $250 for 11 sails and a membership. $400 for 21 sails and a membership.) Email:

Phone: 778 581 0855

Location: 1370 Water St., V1Y 1J1

28111169 59883165
Able Sail Adapted Sailing - Central Okanagan Sailing Association (COSA) COSA offers sailing programs for individuals with disabilities. They have accessible sailboats in their fleet and other supportive equipment. Physical, sensory, intellectual disabilities. Yes. They offer accessible sailboats and other supportive equipment. Y Y Y Email:

Phone: 250 764 2203

Location: 4220 Hobson Rd

Kelowna, BC V1W 1Y3

28111169 59883165
Penticton Community Centre    A local community center that welcomes all to participate in their programs and activities. With the belief that anyone and everyone should participate, the goal of this community center has been inclusion and accessibility for every person in the community. Accommodates individuals with physical and intellectual disabilities Wheelchair accessible machines and pool are available. Accessible change rooms and an expanded gym floor space to accommodate a wider range of needs have also been added. They are also constantly looking for feedback from the community on how to improve. Y Y Y Email:

Phone: 250-490-2426

Location: 171 Main Street Penticton, BC V2A 5A9

59883165 42807776
Parkinson Recreation Centre    A community center based in Kelowna that offers diverse sport programs for individuals of all ability levels. They also work with parents and caregivers to help find the right fit for each individual.  They offer programs such as walking, hiking, dancing and ice hockey. Appropriate for individuals with physical, intellectual, and sensory disabilities Assisted, adapted and wheelchair programs available (over 35 weekly options)     Y Y Y Email:

Phone: 250-469-8800

Location: 1800 Parkinson Way

Kelowna, BC V1Y 4P9

59883165 42807776
Thompson Community Services    This organization provides a wide range of services to individuals living with disability in the Kamloops area. They offer services from personal care and living skills, to recreation, social, and leisure activities. Accessible to individuals with physical, intellectual, and sensory disabilities N/a Y Y N Email: RECEPTION@TCSINFO.CA

Phone: 250-828-1508

Location: 102 - 1450 Pearson Place

Kamloops, BC V1S 1J9

A full list of services provided includes:

-Personal care including hygiene and grooming

-Living skills including cooking, shopping, banking

-Community involvement

-Group learning

-Recreation, social and leisure activities

-Work preparation and skill development

-Employment support


59883165 42807776
Johnson Bentley Memorial Aquatic Centre This is an aquatic centre which locates in West-Kelowna and is an easily accessible multi-use facility where people of all ages and abilities gather together to enjoy recreation activities.
Accessible to individuals with physical, intellectual, and sensory disabilties
-Family change rooms with wheelchair Accessibility

-Aquatic Wheelchairs and a Client Transport Lift

Y Y N Location: 3737 Old Okanagan Highway

West Kelowna, BC

Telephone: 778-797-7665

Fax: 778-797-7660

-Hot Tub/ Steam Room

-Warm soaking Pool

Different general program department such as:

-Preschool-Adult programs

-General Interest Workshops

-Summer Day Camps

42807776 88958574
West Kelowna Multi-Sport Centre This is an indoor, artificial turf facility located in West-Kelowna. Practices, games, and tournaments can be hold in this facility with heating and air conditioning status. Accessible to individuals with physical, intellectual, and sensory disabilities. N/a Y Y N Location: 2760 Cameron Road West Kelowna, BC V1Z 2T6

Telephone: 778-797-2265

42807776 88958574
Westside Seniors Centre This is a facility that provides opportunities for seniors aged 50-plus of west Kelowna resident to stay active, keep fit, have fun, stay sharp and meet new people in the community. Activities include: BINGO, Cribbage, Mah Jongg, Bridge, Duplicate Bridge, Pool, 8 ball, Canasta, Floor Curling, Snooker Carpet Bowling, Jammers Music, Social Gatherings, Ceramics, Keep Fit, Fun Cards, Choir Ladies Pool, Whist Party, Cloggers, Line Dancing, Woodcarving. Accessible to individuals with physical, intellectual, and sensory disabilities. -Provide wheelchair for senior and people who is physically impaired Y Y N

Location: 3661 Old Okanagan Highway, West Kelowna, BC , V4T 1P6 Telephone: 250-768-4004

- $20 annual membership cost

- Programs and services vary from time to time

42807776 59531160


Program/Facility Name Brief description Appropriate for physical,

sensory, intellectual disabilities, other

Accessible equipment (if applicable) Staff support (Y/N) Accessible parking


Discounts for people with

disabilities (Y/N)

Contact information Other Entered by (Student #) Checked by (Student #)
Kootenay Adaptive Sport Association. It is a program which allows people to rent adaptive mountain bikes and gives people details about accessible mountain bike trails in the Kootenay area. Physical Adaptive mountain bikes which are accessible for people with varying physical disabilities. Handcycles, recumbent legcycles, bucket bikes and tandem bikes. Y Y N 76624675 19313162
St. Eugene Golf Course It is a 7007 yard golf course. One has unlimited driving range access upon admission to the golf course. A complimentary bottled water, golf lessons and mini-tournament programs are offered. Physical Power carts are offered at the golf course therefore individuals with movement disabilities have access to transportation while playing golf. Y Y N Address: 7777 Mission Road, CRANBROOK, BC, V1C 7E5

Phone: 1-877-417-3133


76624675 19313162
Elizabeth Lake Lodge This facility is a Canadian alpine-style hotel with full kitchen rooms and suites, located in Cranbrook, British Columbia. It is the only accommodation in Cranbrook with trails to the Elizabeth Lake Bird Sanctuary. Physical The lodge offers wheelchair accessible rooms and a par 70 mini golf course on site that is fully accessible. The Elizabeth Lake Bird Sanctuary has a picnic area which is wheelchair accessible and almost 90% of the trails around the sanctuary are wheelchair accessible as well. Y Y N Phone: (250) 426-6114   Fax: (250) 426-6221


Address: 590 Van Horne Street South (Hwy 3 SW Entrance to Cranbrook)

Cranbrook, British Columbia V1C 4W7


76624675 19313162
East Kootenay Adaptive Snowsports The East Kootenay Adaptive Snowsports is a non-profit volunteer based organization. The instructors are Canadian Adaptive Snowsports (CADS) certified volunteers helping adults and youth with disabilities to learn and enjoy snow sports. For all people with physical or intellectual disabilities and those who have visual impairment Adaptive equipment available include sit-skis, tethers, and standing outriggers. Y Y N Website:


Phone number: 250-426-6435

Address: Kimberley Alpine Resort

301 North Star Boulevard, Kimberley, BC, V1A 2Y5

Minimum age is 5 years old and a current BC Adaptive Snowsports Membership is required.

Lessons are one hour on Sundays from January to March.

BCAS card holders, participants and caregivers/volunteers are eligible for a 20% discount on lift tickets.

19313162 76624675
Red Adaptive Ski Program (RASP) RASP is a not-for-profit arm of Fall Line Ski & Snowboard School affiliated with BC Adaptive Snowsports. They are committed to providing access to snow for all users and subsidizes lift tickets and instructor wages to give everyone an opportunity to experience snow sports. For all people with physical, behavioural, and cognitive disabilities. Adaptive equipment available include bi skis (a type of sit ski) and outriggers. Y Y N Website:


Phone number: 778-457-5001

Address: RED Mountain Resort

4300 Red Mountain Road, Rossland, BC, V0G 1Y0

A current BC Adaptive Snowsports Membership is required.

Lessons are $25 for 2 hours including instruction, equipment, and a lift voucher.

Accompanying adults are eligible for 50% off lift tickets with BC Adaptive membership.

19313162 76624675
F. I. R. E.: Fernie Adaptive Snow Program FIRE Adaptive Snow Program is an organization that allows individuals with all kinds of differing abilities the opportunity to enjoy snow sports. FIRE consists of a group of specialized instructors certified and trained to be innovative and creative in adapting teaching methods for students. For all people with differing abilities including visually and hearing impaired, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, muscle dystrophy, brain injury, spinal injury, amputee, and cognitively impaired. Adaptive equipment available include sit skis, outriggers, fixed outriggers and tethers. Y Y N Website:


Phone number: 250-430-1996

Address: Fernie Alpine Resort

5339 Fernie Ski Hill Road, Fernie, BC, V0B 1M6

A current BC Adaptive Snowsports membership is required.

Lessons are $20, $30 if rental equipment is needed and run from January to April on Sundays from 9-11am or 1-3pm or by appointment.

Fernie Alpine offers $5 lift tickets for participants in the program, and free afternoon passes for volunteers and instructors.

19313162 76624675
Kimberly Alpine Resort-Paralympic Training Centre The training centre allows for all alpine disciplines whether it be Downhill, Super G, or Slalom. There is also an athlete training centre for specific weight training and hosting events. Physical disabilities are focused on however, in the athlete training centre, able bodied and athletes with disabilities have access to the gym equipment and space. Athlete training centre is the only centre in North America where they can train for all four winter disciplines including Nordic skiing, Wheelchair curling, Sledge hockey, and alpine skiing. The athlete centre has ample equipment and space specific to each sport. Y Y N Website:


PO Box 40, 301 North Star Blvd,

Blvd Kimberley, BC, V1A 2Y5

Most spaces are specific to paralympic athletes. Public events are available at the athlete training centre at certain times. 76548320 76624675
Together In Movement & Exercise (TIME) Purpose is to counteract the decline in mobility for people with specific disabilities. Ensure they have access to physical activity and health promotion. Specific disabilities focused on include: Stroke, acquired brain injury, multiple sclerosis, and other mobility concerns. Does not mention any adaptive equipment on their website. Y Did not state N Website:


P.O. Box 170, Revelstoke, BC V0E 2S0

Must fill out a PAR-Q form prior to the program or be referred by a doctor, physical therapist, or other professional health care practitioner.

Programs run once and/or twice a week depending on what the individual chooses. $25 for once a week, $50 for twice a week.

76548320 76624675
Cranbrook Recreation Centre Has various activities offered for a wide variety of disabilities. Example: Minds in Motion partnered with alzheimer society BC and aims to provide a fitness and social program for those with early stages or dementia. Friends and family members are quite involved with this program alongside the individual. Gentle exercises and activities are designed to be enjoyed in pairs. Early stages of dementia are focused upon. Did not mention any adaptive equipment. Mentions that care partners must attend all program sessions. Y Y N Website: (Refer to page 6)

Email: [[10]]

40 – 10th Avenue South, Cranbrook BC

Care partners must attend all program sessions.

Each session is 1.5 hours.

Cost: $64-$72 depending on the duration of the program

76548320 76624675
Creston and District Society for Community Living The CDSCL provides services throughout the Creston Valley area for individuals with physical, mental and emotional disabilities. One of these programs includes the Therapeutic Riding Program. Participants are able to learn recreational horse riding skills with the option to compete should they choose to. Physical, emotional or mental disabilities All riders need appropriate riding attire to participate. Individual equipment needs are assessed in the application process. Y Y N Website:

Email: Michelle Whiteaway

Phone number: 250-428-2296

52989167 76548320
Special Olympics BC - Golden The Golden branch of Special Olympics BC offers a wide range of programs. They include youth programs such as Active Start and FUNdamentals. They also offer bowling, swimming, skiing, snowshoeing and more for all individuals. Intellectual Disabilities Y

All programs are facilitated by a program lead.


Some programs are free for participants. Others include discounted rates.


Contact: Ned Johnson 250-344-5524

2019-2020 Sport Schedule

52989167 76548320
Elkford Aquatic Complex This recreation facility includes a pool with a 'beach front' access and a hot tub. Both of these are accessible for individuals in a wheelchair or with mobility challenges. Physical N Y N Website:

Phone: 250-865-4012

Address: 816C Michel Rd, Elkford, BC

52989167 76548320
Special Olympics BC -Elk Valley Based out of Fernie, but also serves Elkford, Sparwood, and South Country up to the Bull River and down to the U.S border. Currently offering 5-pin bowling, bocce, golf, and swimming. Intellectual Disabilities All programs include equipment that is accessible for those with intellectual disabilities. Yes, all programs are led by a qualified coach/lead instructor. Depends on program and location of activity. Some programs are free for participants, others include discounted rates. Georgina McIntosh, Local Coordinator, Tel: 250-423-4826



29114535 52989167
Special Olympics BC -Creston Serving the Creation Valley since 1985, current programs being offered include: 5-pin bowling, bocce, curling, snowshoeing, floor hockey, golf, adult swimming, Sport Start Swimming, and Club Fit. Intellectual Disabilities All programs include equipment that is accessible for those with intellectual disabilities. Yes, all programs are led by a qualified coach/lead instructor. Depends on program and location of activity. Some programs are free for participants, others include discounted rates. Ryan McEwen, Local Coordinator, Email:


29114535 52989167
Special Olympics BC -Invermere Serving the Columbia Valley in the East Kootenays. Currently offering alpine skiing, cross country skiing, bowling, swimming, golf, bocce, and Club Fit. Intellectual Disabilities All programs include equipment that is accessible for those with intellectual disabilities. Yes, all programs are led by a qualified coach/lead instructor. Depends on program and location of activity. Some programs are free for participants, others include discounted rates. Andrea Haworth, Athlete Coordinator, Email:

Carolyn Kurtz, Local Coordinator, Email:


29114535 52989167

Vancouver Island

Program/Facility Name Brief description Appropriate for physical,

sensory, intellectual disabilities, other

Accessible equipment (if applicable) Staff support (Y/N) Accessible parking


Discounts for people with

disabilities (Y/N)

Contact information Other Entered by (Student #) Checked by (Student #)
BC Powersoccer Non-profit organization that provides opportunities to all persons who use power wheelchairs to play power soccer at a competitive level. Individuals can join an existing team within the community or create their own. Physical Wheelchair accessibility. Y Y N Website:


Nanaimo Oliver Woods Community Center, 6000 Oliver Rd, BC, V9T 6T6


22997886 67868422
Victoria Therapeutic Riding Association A program that uses horseback riding as a recognized therapeutic experience for children and adults with disabilities. The program runs from September through June, four days per week. Registration is required.

Physical, sensory, and intellectual.

Each rider is supplied with equipment specific to their needs such as special saddles, special reins, adaptive equipment for body support and wheelchair accessible ramps. Y Y N Website:


6917 Veyaness Road, Saanichton, BC V8M 1W1


Phone: 778-426-0506



Curl BC The program offers a wide range of adaptive curling activities including wheelchair curling, stick curling, deaf curling and blind curling. The activities are aimed to provide a fun, active and social opportunity for all individuals. Drop-ins are welcome. Physical, intellectual and sensory. Adaptive equipment for specific individual needs. Y Y N Website:


Victoria Curling Centre

1952 Quadra St, Victoria, BC, V8T 4C2


Phone: 250-386-6397

22997886 27038504
Victoria Wheelchair Tennis/ Cedar Hill Recreation Centre A program that provides your goals, level of ability, and fitness level. They encourage active and healthy lifestyles and work to facilitate teamwork, relationships, and personal development. Sessions are available based on skill levels: Beginner and Advanced. Drop-ins are welcomed. Physical and intellectual Wheelchair accessible Y Y N Website: Address:

3220 Cedar Hill Rd, Victoria, BC V8P 3Y3 Contact:

Bernice Wong

67868422 86375987
Vancouver Island Society for Adaptive Snowsports A non-profit society that focuses on providing nationally certified snow sport instruction to people with physical or intellectual disabilities. They believe that people with adaptive needs should have an equal opportunity to participate and enjoy alpine (snowboard/ski) or Nordic (cross-country) snow sports. They introduce individuals aged 6 and older with physical or intellectual disabilities to the freedom and therapeutic benefits of downhill skiing or snowboarding and Nordic skiing. Physical and developemental Sit-ski equipment is provided by the resort and VISAS, free of charge

-ski or snowboard boots

- skis and poles or snowboard

- Helmet and goggles - Wrist guards for snowboarding - any adaptive equipment required

Y Y Y Website:


Vancouver Island Adaptive Snowsports

c/o The Filberg Centre

411 Anderton Ave

Courtenay, BC V9N 6C6


During the ski season:

Mt Washington VISAS Room


- A BC Adaptive Snowsport Membership is required before booking a lesson

- There is a weight limit applied to their sit-ski equipment. The weight rating is a maximum of 250 lbs (113kg)

67868422 27038504

Vikes Active Living Climbing

OneAbility is the organization that collaborates with community partners to provide leadership to enhance the adapted sport and physical activity landscape. The climbing program is provided by the University of Victoria Centre for Athletics, Recreation and Special Abilities (CARSA). Despite different capabilities, every individual should get the opportunity to build confidence and soar to new heights through this amazing sport. Physical, Sensory, and Intellectual. - Specialized equipment available

- Harness and rope

Y Y N Website:


University of Victoria: CARSA Climbing Centre

Alumni Chip Trail, Victoria, BC V8P 5C2


Sebastian Powell

67868422 27038504
Power to Be - Adaptive Recreation Programs Adaptive Recreation programs support people living with a disability or barrier in experiencing inclusive recreational activities while exploring nature and their natural abilities. From youth as young as seven to adults of all ages, on land and sea, we adapt our programs to our participants and provide the equipment and support they may need to experience year-round adventures – and we encourage family to participate and share in the experience too. Cognitive and Physical disabilities, Mental health considerations, Injuries and Illnesses. Adaptive equipment is available for specific individuals' needs. Y Y Y Website:

Address: 107-1208 Wharf Street

Victoria, BC, V8W 3B9


Telephone: 250-385-2363

27038504 67868422
MOVE - Adapted Yoga & Circuit Classes MOVE currently offers two exercise classes each week.  All classes at MOVE are entirely inclusive and can be adapted to meet any individual's ability. The Circuit class incorporates dumbbells, resistance bands, medicine balls, weight/cardio machines, and functional movements to get your heart rate up and your muscles working! The Yoga class is a combination of breath awareness, gentle stretching, and meditation. The focus is on mindfulness and yoga philosophy to start your week off right, feeling energized and revitalized. Through their specialized adapted fitness centre, they provide adults and children with physical disabilities a safe and encouraging place to move their bodies, reach their mobility goals, and improve their quality of life. At MOVE we work with people of all abilities, including but not limited to: spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, brain injury, paralysis caused by stroke, heart attack, and more. MOVE offers full access to accessible equipment such as:
  • The Motomed Arm and Leg Bike
  • The NuStep
  • The Parallel bars
  • The Paramount machine
  • The Standing Frame
  • The Sit to Stand Assistance machine
  • and Treadmill with body weight support
Y Y Y Website:

Address: MOVE Adapted Fitness & Rehabilitation Society, #100-775 Topaz Ave, Victoria BC


Telephone: 778-433-6559

27038504 22997886
PISE - Active Development Program The program is open to children and is designed to improve confidence and competence in movement skills and provide a safe place to play with peers. PISE leaders adapt activities to make sure that all children find success and have their individual needs met. This program is open to children with any form of developmental disability (cognitive or physical) or illness. Accessible equipment is available. Y Y Y Website:

Address: 4371 Interurban Rd Victoria BC, V9E 2C5, Canada


Telephone: 1-250-220-2510

27038504 22997886
BC Wheelchair Basketball Society (BCWBS) Wheelchair basketball is for anyone who wishes to participate - recreation or competitive. There are programs for people who have physical disabilities and the programs are accessible for all age groups - from eight-year-olds to seniors. Physical Sport Wheelchairs are available. Number of wheelchairs will vary depending on the location - Players should consider applying for the wheelchair loan program to ensure a chair. Y Answer will vary depending on the location of games, practices and club chosen. N Location: 780 SW Marine Drive, Vancouver Tel: 604-333-3530

Fax: 604-326-1229

Email: Web:

Clubs operate programs at locations including Comox, Nanaimo and Victoria. 11883774 22997886
Recreation Integration Victoria Works to improve access to programs, facilities and services. Services such as the leisure assistance program, equipment loan program and the Leisure Access Victoria App (LAVA). Physical, Mental and Neurosensory Disabilities Equipment is accessible through the equipment loan program. Y Answer will vary depending on the location of the chosen activity. Y Location: 4135 Lambrick Way, Victoria, BC

Tel: 250-477-6341

Primary Services:
  • Leisure Assistance Pass
  • Leisure Assistance (Volunteer) Program
  • Summer Inclusion Service
  • Equipment Loan Service
  • Leisure Planning and Referral
11883774 86375987
Disabled Sailing Association of British Columbia - Victoria Sailing program dedicated to providing sailing opportunities for individuals with disabilities. Learn to sail, learn to race as well as recreational sailing opportunities. Physical
  • Sip n' Puff Controls (allowing individuals with power wheelchairs to sail independently)
  • Various Boats: Martin 16, Access 303 (wide), Sonar
  • Persons with mobility limitations can be assisted by self-transfer or assisted-transfer on and off of the boats
Y Y N Location: 1001 Maple Bank Rd, Victoria, BC V9A 7K7

Tel: 250-477-6314

Fax: 250-477-6046


11883774 86375987
UBC BodyWorks Gym The mission of UBC BodyWorks is to enhance the experience of exercise and fitness for the elderly with classes such as Fitover50 and Changing with aging. In a non-competitive environment, classes are provided to ensure the well-being of older adults. Adults with a physical disability can still participate in exercise and the exercise/fitness programs are modified accordingly. Physical Treadmill




Weight machines

Row machines

Resistance bands

Medicine balls



Y Y N Location: The University of British Columbia, 6108 Thunderbird Blvd Unit 1, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z3

Tel: (604) 822-0207

Comox Valley Aquatic Centre
  • A public aquatics centre that has different resources to make it possible for all people to use a pool. Two main pools that are easily accessible are the leisure wave pool and the hot tubs. Staff are onsite to assist those with a disability into the pools if needed.
  • Ramp access to leisure pool, Pool side lifts, Raised hot tub walls
Y Y N Comox Valley Aquatic centre

Phone: 250-334-2527

Address: 377 Lerwick Road, Courtenay BC, V9N 9G4  

86375987 11883774
SportAbility A BC based Non-profit charity that aims to help all people across BC play sport. SportAbility works with other organizations to provide a central hub where people can find accessible sport. SportAbility focuses on four main sports: Sledge Hockey, Boccia, Power Soccer, and 7 A-Side Soccer. Programs are offered from a recreational level all the way up to an international level. Physical Dependant on sport, level of play and organization Y Dependant on the facility where the event is held N SportAbility

Address: 780 SW Marine Drive, Vancouver BC, V6P 5Y7

Phone: 604-324-1411

A Membership form Must be filled out before participation. 86375987 11883774
British Columbia Blind Sports and Recreation Association BCBSRA is a non profit organization that looks to provide opportunity for people who are blind, deaf-blind, or visually impaired. They provide programs for all levels and ages in multiple sports such as Curling, Dragon Boating, Golf, Karate and many more. They also offer education programs on blind sports and how to adapt sport for the visually impaired. BCBSRA specializes in providing opportunity for those who are blind. Equipment is available on a loan out basis Y Dependant on where the event or program is held N British Columbia Blind Sports and Recreation Association

Address: #170 - 5055 Joyce Street, Vancouver BC, V5R 6B2  Canada

Phone: 604 325-8638

A Member ship must be obtained to gain access to resources. 86375987 27038504


Program/Facility Name Brief description Appropriate for physical,

sensory, intellectual disabilities, other

Accessible equipment (if applicable) Staff support (Y/N) Accessible parking


Discounts for people with

disabilities (Y/N)

Contact information Other Entered by (Student #) Checked by (Student #)
Prince George Aquatic Centre and Four Seasons Leisure Pool The Aquatic Centre and Leisure Pool are fully accessible pools with accessible equipment available for use. For people of varying abilities and disabilities, including physical, sensory, and intellectual disabilities. Accessible equipment include zero-depth entry into leisure and wave pools, water wheelchair and main pool chair lift. The Aquatic Centre has ramp access into hot tubs and change rooms designated for people with disabilities. Y Y Y Website:

Prince George Aquatic Centre

Phone: 250-561-7787

Address: 1770 George Paul Lane Prince George, BC V2N 0E1 Canada

Four Seasons Leisure Pool

Phone: [[11]]

Address: 775 Dominion Street Prince George, BC V2L 1T8 Canada

Free Adapted Swims at the Four Seasons Leisure Pool run on Sundays starting from September to June from 10am to 11:30am for people with disabilities and their immediate family. 17218181 67531194
Prince George LumberJacks Wheelchair Basketball / Northern Sports Centre Prince George LumberJacks Wheelchair Basketball Club offers weekly skill development practices that are open for registration and drop-ins that welcome everyone with no experience necessary. Physical Sport wheelchairs and all other equipment are provided. Y Y N Website:


  • Rob Stiles 250-613-5187
  • Brandy Stiles 250-649-9501

Address: Northern Sports Centre 3333 University Way, Prince George

A membership is required to register for practices. 17218181


Caledonia Adaptive Snowsports Society (CASS)/ Hart Highlands Winter Club Ski Hill CASS offers numerous programs such as weekly lessons, GIVE IT A GO Program and specialized instruction for individuals to discover and enjoy adaptive skiing. For people of varying abilities and disabilities, including physical, sensory, and intellectual disabilities. Lessons and adaptive equipment (mono- and bi-skis) are offered for no fee. Y Y Y Website:


Address: 1105 Quaw Ave, Prince George BC V2M 4C7

A BC Adaptive SnowSports membership is required. 17218181 67531194
Kaien Coastal Riders Program Kaien Coastal Riders is the first adaptive hiking program offered in Prince Rupert. The program uses TrailRiders, which is an adaptive wheelchair that allows individuals with physical barriers to access nature. Physical 1 TrailRider is provided. Y

(Volunteers are trained to help with transferring onto and off of the TrailRIder, and to act as "sherpas", or helpers who push/pull the TrailRider.)

This will depend on whether there is accessible parking near the the hiking venue. The program is free for participants. Website:

Facebook: Kaien Coastal Riders


Phone: 778-874-7619

Hikes take place 5 to 6 times throughout the year. Both the rider''s preference and the program coordinator's suggestions are taken into consideration in the process of determining a hiking venue. One rider is taken on each hike, along with many volunteers. 67531194 39279187
Special Olympics B.C. (SOBC) - Prince George SOBC Prince George is home to around 160 athletes, and offers 16 programs including basketball, cross-country skiing, powerlifting, 5-pin and 10-pin bowling, curling, rhythmic gymnastics, snowshoeing, swimming, and floor hockey. Intellectual Accessible equipment is available for all programs. Y Y Y Website:


  • (Alexandra Orser, Local Coordinator)
  • (Sydney Hall, Community Development Coordinator)

Phone Number: 250-5701455 (Sydney Hall)

67531194 39279187
Prince George Hammerheads Wheelchair Rugby Program / Northern Sports Centre Wheelchair Rugby is a coeducational team sport for athletes with a mobility impairment. This full-contact sport combines elements of basketball, handball, and ice hockey. Individuals of all skill and experience level are welcome. Physical Rugby chairs and equipment are provided. Y Y N Website:

Address: Northern Sports Centre 3333 University Way, Prince George

Email: (Brandy Stiles, Northern Regional Coordinator)

Practice takes place every Thursdays from 8pm-10pm. 67531194 39279187
Prince George Frost Bites Para Ice Hockey program This weekly program provides everyone with an opportunity to participate in the sport of para ice hockey. No experience is needed, so first timers are welcome! Physical All equipment; sleds (sledges), and protective gear are provided Y Y N Website:

Address: 2187 Ospika Boulevard South, Prince George, BC


Phone Number:

  • Rob Stiles 250-613-5187
  • Brandy Stiles 250-649-9501
A "NASA" membership is required to register for this program 22272249 17218181
CRD Accessible Trails All over the Cariboo Regional District there have been a total of 22 wheelchair accessible wilderness trials completed since 2008 Physical Wheelchair accessible terrain, accessible outhouses (for some trails), picnic tables and rest areas N Y N Website:

Email: or [[12]]

Phone Number: (250) 392-3351 or 1-800-665-1636

All the individual trail locations are clearly listed on the website 22272249 17218181
Kenn Borek Aquatic Centre The center is a state of the art facility that includes a variety of features including waterslides, lane pool, lesuire pool, ramps and water wheelchairs. As well as a climbing wall with handicap accessible harnesses, and a 250m track. For people of varying abilities and disabilities, including physical, sensory, intellectual and developmental disabilities. Water Wheelchairs, floatation devices, accessible harnesses Y Y N Website:

Phone: (250) 782-7946

Waiver is required for wall climbing 39279187 22272249
Giver Fit Athletic Club Giver Fit Athletic is a 24-hour members only gym located conveniently at Bella Coola Storage Building. The gym facility has all the fitness equipment that clients need for staying active and healthy.

Giver Fit Athletics boasts lots of room in the gym and space between their machines for comfort.

For people of varying abilities and disabilities, including physical, sensory, and intellectual disabilities. Open space, cable machines, exercise balls, free weights, bands, etc N Y Y Email:


Willing to help make accommodations if asked! 39279187 22272249
UNBC Gym/ Northern Sports Centre There are multiple options for exercise at Northern Sports Centre such as: gym membership, classes, personal training, and recreation. Facilities include 2 studios, 2 strength rooms, tracks, gyms, and fields. For people of varying abilities and disabilities, including physical, sensory, and intellectual disabilities. Free weights, cable machines, open space, ski erg, track, bands, etc. Y Y N Phone: (250) 960-6366

Email: [[13]]



Ancient Forest/Chun T’oh Whudujut Provincial Park A protected provincial park in the middle of traditional Lheidli T’enneh territory in between Prince George and McBride where you can see centuries old red cedar trees and incredible views of the only inland temperate rain forest in the world The 450 meter long universal boardwalk is accessible for those using a wheelchair and/or other physical disabilities as well as those with mental health challenges Wide and slip resistant Boardwalk. The picnic shelters have accessible picnic tables with extended ends. The toilets near the boardwalk entrance are fixed with grab bars and locking hardware. N Y N Website: All the detailed accessibility information is on the link provided with quick access to all the other information about the park 22272249 17218181
Killarney Community Centre Wheelchair power soccer & Public skate It is a wheelchair accessible facility with elevator access to the fitness centre as well as the skate rink Physical N Y Y: Public skate provides free access for those who bring a care aid of some sort along with them 604-718-8200

27760487 98439003
Brittania Community Centre Wheelchair basketball & Skate program for individuals with autism Accessible parking, bathrooms and elevator access within facility Physical Y Y Y: Free "Fun for all" programs 604-718-5800

27760487 98439003
Hilcrest Centre Fun exercise for people living with Parkinson's Equipment within this fitness centre is accessible for those with physical disabilities. There are also elevators providing access to the fitness centre. Doors are not automatic, but there is an attendant there to assist in opening them Physical Y Y There is a subsidy application for those who take part in activities for people with disabilities 604-257-8680 27760487 98439003