Flippy Bits

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Flippy Bits

Authors: Hary Chow, Joseph Lachowicz

What is the problem?

We aim to design a game that is inspired by “Flippy Bits” (link: http://flippybitandtheattackofthehexadecimalsfrombase16.com) , which is a real-time shoot-em-up style game that involves converting hexadecimal numbers to binary numbers. In our version, we want to give the user the option to play with different base conversions.

What is the something extra?

Designing a program that has to update without direct user input, and also including a basic GUI We will also implement a module that allows us to convert a binary number to numbers in any arbitrary base. (If this is eventually to hard to implement, we will limit it to only numbers in base 2-16)

What did we learn from doing this?

We learned the systematic process of developing a game in functional programming, especially in designing individual functional "modules" and linking everything together at the end. We also learned how to work with and create a web-based GUI in Haskell. This involved effectively moving variable data from its type to its IO-type and to its UI-type used in the GUI definition, and vice versa. Such skill will be valuable in designing more complex functional programs.

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