Film Recommendation System

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Authors:Shijia Su, Tom Mo

What is the problem?

People sometimes have difficulty and would spend a lot of time in choosing film they are going to watch. We want to create a film recommendation system based on users' preferences by using Prolog.

The user would be prompted by a series of questions about their preference and other information to receive a reccomendation.

The range of the recommendation is determined by the movie information provided in the csv file.

What is the something extra?

We built [gendb], a csv parser that reads from a csv file that contains IMDB information and adds relevant information to the program's knowledge base.

What did we learn from doing this?

  • We managed to build a program that generates its knowledge base depending on the csv file provided, and return a list of movies based on user's answers to pre-determined questions.
  • Prolog is very suited for managing databases due to its syntax.
    • Entries of CSV can be quickly obtained through pattern-matching
    • assert() provides a quick way of implementing a dynamic knowledge base
    • It is very easy to filter all entries that fit some requirements, since prolog can find all possible answers to a query.
  • There are some inconveniences as well
    • Aside from patterm matching, we did not find a quick way to handle uninitiated/empty variables that can sometimes arise from reading CSV entries.
  • Overall, prolog makes for a very quick way to implement a program that centers around reading and handling a set of data.

Link to code

GitHub: Film-Recommendation-System