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Enthroned. Patrick couldn't believe that he would ever hear that word uttered in the same sentence as his own name. Time and time again he was told that one day his role would be to rule over the country his family had been sovereigns over for nearly 250 years. Patrick never took the statement seriously, always more interested in practicing his skills in warfare or, better yet, chasing buxom young girls around the village. Theo, his guardian and purest friend, always told Patrick that one day he would have to grow up, learn how to be a true leader, learn how to be a king. But all of this seemed so surreal and out of place for someone who wasn't interested in being anything but a fighter, a defender of the peace.

Patrick's heavy footsteps sent up small dust puffs as he walked along the boarder between the village and the expansive Dune. He looked out to the horizon watching the two suns rise over the long rolling hills. He loved this land, but had only seen a small percentage of it, the amount that was contained within the village walls. The class 5Z planet he and his future people inhabited was situated perfectly in the Frost Nebula, not too close to the three other stars that supplied warmth to other exoplanets that would never sustain life the way it did on his home world.

Living in the Frost Nebula also had its pitfalls, namely being situated nowhere near a Galactic Federation outpost, the epicentre of commerce, news, and travel. This is where Patrick longed to be, a part of the federation's grand army, traveling to exotic planets, facing challenge after challenge only to come out a stronger more thriving individual. As he dreamed about the expansive opportunities that awaited him, Patrick heard a familiar voice.

"Patrick! Patrick, they're not going to wait much longer!" Patrick looked behind him, seeing the silhouette of Theo limping up towards him on the sand rift. A sense of calm washed over him as he watched his friend. "Theo, you always seem to have a need to rush me. Life's too short to be impatient. It makes you look and feel older you know."

"I'll be sure to keep that in mind," Theo retorted. "Gabriel has been looking for you for the past hour, and needless to say, he is not pleased."

"Gabriel is the kingdoms most renowned library magistrate, it's his job to search for difficult things. Why he would be irate is beyond me," smile Patrick coyly. Theo rolled his eyes and used his arm to motion Patrick to come back with him to castle. The two of them sauntered back together towards the large spiraling shadow, discussing the future of the kingdom under Patrick's rule. "I don't know why you're so excited Theo," Patrick said, "I won't be in power for at least another year. With the End of Dynasties period to complete, my father won't hand over the throne until he is entirely sure I am ready."

"But you are ready Patrick," encouraged Theo, "You must believe that!"

"I'm not sure I even want to be a leader Theo. There's a lot more to it than I think you realize. Pagentry, boring counsels, good behavior. It's all so boring"

"You're attempts at comedy are feeble."

As the two men walked into the main hall entrance, Miranda, a long time servant rushed towards them. Miranda was a beautifully plain woman in the most perfect of all ways. Tall, agile, matronly were only a few of the words that were commonly used to describe her. However today Miranda seemed distracted, but more importantly, distraught. She approached Patrick swiftly, "Your majesty, I have something dire to tell you."

"Miranda, do you think Theo is uptight? He doesn't think he is but, really, I think he could use some kind of unwind," said Patrick.

"Your majesty it is quite important," insisted Miranda.

"I wouldn't be so uptight if you weren't always so defiantly resistant to my council," countered Theo.

"Prince Patrick, please," pleaded Miranda.

"One second Miranda. Theo when I am king then I'll be more inclined to accept your council. However, for a good part of the next year I won't be needing nor soliciting your 'help'," said Patrick.

"PATRICK!" shouted Miranda.

"What is it Miranda that cannot wait?!" demanded Patrick.

"It has to do with your future kingship. You're father is dead. You must accelerate into your post must faster than originally anticipated," breathed Miranda.

Patrick stood stunned, unable to comprehend the words that soon fell out of Theo and Miranda's mouth in front of him.