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The UBC Wiki is a collaborative space for creating and sharing resources, be it for teaching and learning, research, or community engagement. The UBC Wiki inherits all the best properties from MediaWiki as well as interface from Wikipedia to deliver rich publishing and sharing platform for UBC with ability to take content created within UBC Wiki and republish it within different UBC Websites.

Find Out More

Go to UBC Wiki to see it in action or watch this 4 minute screencast for a great intro to our platform at UBC.

Getting Started


  • Help:Tutorial - A good place to start if you are not sure what you are looking for.
  • Help:Contents - Tips for basic formatting/organization.
  • Help:Editing - Tips for basic and advanced editing, including table creation, using formulas, etc. This link is at the bottom of your editing screen - near the Save page button.
  • Help:Adding_Media - Examples for adding images, flash files and video.