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Blogs are increasingly touted for their potential to foster online interaction and resource sharing in the field of education. They support a wide range of applications as a simple online publishing system; as personal and collaborative knowledge management tools; and to support instruction. OLT offers hosting, workshops and training, specialized templates, promotion and moral support to a growing number of UBC webloggers. (http://blogs.ubc.ca/)

UBC's learning technology community reflects the campus: large, diverse, and innovative! The Office of Learning Technology engages with this community at multiple levels by working with: The blogger authors content using an Internet browser, with no web authoring tools or knowledge of HTML required. The blog software handles formatting and organization, organizes materials in a well-structured database and outputs an RSS feed.

Blogs and wikis are an emerging technology, and are therefore subject to change and occasional disruption. If you are using these tools for important processes, including course work, please contact the project coordinator (brian.lamb@ubc.ca) to ensure that all necessary steps are taken to safeguard your work.

Note: UBC blogs accounts are for invited users only. If you would like an invitation, please email weblogsupport@exchange.ubc.ca.