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edX Session - March 16th and 17th, 2015 - Workshop Resources

Workshop Feedback

edX Documentation

edX Training At-A-Glance

Overall Activity Sheet

Session 1: UBC EdX Project Overview

Session 2: Getting Started: Design Overview

Session 3: Design Goals and Challenges

Session 4: Course Development & Project Management

Session 5: Introduction to the edX Platform

Session 6A: Marketing Your Course (Public Track)

Evaluating Three Course About Pages

Session 6B: Engaging Students (Public Track)

  • Slides:

Session 7A: Edge for On-Campus Use (Credit Track)

Session 7B: Engaging Students and Blending edX (Credit)

Session 8: Content Deep Dive

Session 9: Running & Administering a Course

Session 10: Media Best Practices

Session 11: Hands-on Course Design, Module Structure and Building (3 hour studio)


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