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Hey Brian,

Here are some images you might want to consider:

  • For a comparison of traditional model to networked learning, here are some useful diagrams (much like the ones I looked for but couldn't find):

  • For a (perhaps more basic view) of how students may participate in various social environments there is this:
Uploaded to Flickr by Erica Glasier

Which may offer a nice lead in to a question like: Given that many learners today are participating in a variety of social spaces outside the course:

  • how is the social space in a course unique?
  • can existing social spaces (networks) be leveraged to meet your goals for social space in your course? if not, why not?
  • advantages/disadvantages of an approach that brings the social space outside of the course?

In terms of further framing , there may be something interesting in George Siemens blog post on Teaching in Social and Technological Networks from earlier this year:

Hey Catherine,

I think we are trying to come up with content for the following:

  • discussion
  • groupwork
  • effective practice
  • process

don't know whether some of the community of practice stuff might come in handy here?

Why don't we use this space to collect our thoughts and some resources as a way to get started?

Here is some stuff about process from Digital Habitats (Wenger, White and Smith)

Learning Activities

Learning Orientations

Possible readings?

Breaking down learner isolation: How social network analysis informs design and facilitation for online learning

[ Weaving Together Online and Face-To-Face Learning: A Design From A Communities Of Practice Perspective]

Cultural Crossings:Using Stories to Inform Your Learning Journey

Moderation (old but a few useful things could be gleaned I think)


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